Book Review of “Love is Blind”

Lynsay Sands knows how to weave an intriguing story. As a spectacles wearer, I was along for the ride, and saw through Clarissa’s eyes the blurred world Ms. Sands created.

Optimism was the theme to Love is Blind. We need more kindness in the world. I see so much hatred on Social Media and newspaper comments. Strangers cursing each other over a difference of opinion. I recommend this book to everyone in the entire world. Talk  and listen to each other instead of yelling. Try to see the other person’s perspective instead of passing judgement. Be kind to others, as you would like them to treat you.

The only problem I had with Love is Blind was when Clarissa was making out with Adrian wearing glasses. Adrian was in focus, and she claims she could see him clearly. I can tell you from personal experience that you can’t see anything once your spectacles begin to fog up. You have to take them off or wipe them. Kissing causes your glasses to fog up unless it wasn’t a hot make out session.

Other than that one inconsistency, I enjoyed Love is Blind tremendously. I got Lynsay Sands’ message on love and tolerance.

Hooked on Lynsay Sands Novels

Dear Friends:

Do you want to read novels that hold your interest from beginning to end? Paranormal Romances that have mystery, comedy, and action? What about interesting characters who some fear are vampires, but they are really immortals who imbibe blood, have an aversion to sunlight, have advance abilities, such as reading minds, distance vision, night vision, and a slew of others that are associated with Dracula? What about sex that although not vulgar sears your body and mind with heat generated from the language and visuals used on the page?

I became hooked on Lynsay Sands after reading Immortal Nights. Okay, I might have been hooked with Runaway Vampire, which I bought with a Barnes and Noble gift card late September 2016.


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Although Runaway Vampire was good, I did not find it stellar, but it lead me to want to read Immortal Nights, which was much better. I’ve now read more than ten books since the ending of September 2016. As soon as I finish one, I find myself looking for another in the Argeneau series.

Mrs. Sands wrote her novels as stand-alone books, but they each have intertwining stories and characters that move in and out of the series. The leading characters are all different. No two characters are alike in temperament or physical characteristics. Even the twins, although the may look identical. they have different personalities.

I feel the reason that the Argeneau series is so well received by romantic audiences is that she has a consistent story for her series. The immortals originated in Atlantis, a more technological advanced society. Nanos were introduced into some of the people who signed up for the trial to cure life threatening diseases. The nanos were suppose to get rid of any impurities in their bodies and then disappear, but the nanos began to multiply and needed blood to survive.

At the fall of Atlantis, only these medically altered beings survived.   They forced their host to find a way to get that blood through the evolution of fangs. Hence the tale of vampires was formed/born. Sands used mythology, history, and a modern day world to create her stories. After  Atlantis fell, the survivors continued to need repair from minor and major injuries, so the nanos needed daily doses of blood. Depending on the injuries, the nanos may require larger quantities. These beings were not really immortal though, as they can be killed with fire or having their heads chopped off.

These immortals as they prefer to be known looked for their lifemates: a male or female whose thoughts they could not read or control. Immortals can have more than one lifemate during their existence. It may sometimes take centuries to find their other half. Without their lifemate, the world becomes bland, and they give up the pleasures of life after the first century. Food and sex has no appeal for them until they meet their lifemate. The sex is so good that they pass out after an orgasm. Not faint, but actually pass out or become unconscious for a long period of time. Not even their sense of smell can wake them if they are caught in a burning building, as was the case in Born to Bite.


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I highly recommend the Argeneau series as well as Lynsay Sands’ historical romances.

Book Review of “In the Doctor’s Bed”

in the doctor's bed

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I enjoyed In the Doctor’s Bed. The novel had me on tender-hooks. I saw the correlation between Dr. Matthews’drug abuse and Drs. De Winter and Campbell’s fraternization. Both parties were addicted, and could not give up their vices. I only wish the book was longer, so that Brenda Jackson could expand on the drug case. I felt that the issue was not resolved to my satisfaction. What was the outcome? Is this book part of a series? I felt like two issues were left up in the air. Was Dr. Dudley and Nurse Tsang having an affair? (A couple of hints throughout the book made me think that they were, but nothing ever came of it). The other issue was Dr. Terrance Matthews’ lawsuit against Dr. Lucien De Winter and the hospital for wrongful termination. I know Lucien spoke to a lawyer, but will Dr. Matthews drop his lawsuit, or will he still go through with it? Will Dr. Matthews’ family admit that their son has a drug problem? I guess in a Silhouette Romance novel there are a certain number of words you have to write for that publication, and once reached you must stop.

I did like the love story between Dr. Jaclyn Campbell and Dr. Lucien De Winter. I also liked that Lucien was Jamaican. Brenda Jackson knows how to write romance, foreshadowing, and likable characters effectively. My mind kept bringing up scenarios or people catching them having breakfast at a diner, or at their favorite hide-a-way bed & breakfast inn. Someone in the form of a private investigator hired by the Matthews rich and powerful family.

What I didn’t like was Jaclyn’s holier than thou attitude when she found out Dr. Matthews was doing drugs, but she seemed okay with breaking the fraternization rule of the hospital. I mean drug abuse is the bigger issue when dealing with patients, but also is sleeping around with your boss, if it’s against hospital rules. I felt that something should have been said or mentioned about the similarities in their vices. Lucien and Jaclyn were unable to save themselves from ruin, same as Terrance. I feel that Terrance should’ve gotten help or he should’ve been the one to find out about Jaclyn and Lucien’s sleeping around. Just saying. 🙂

I still gave In the Doctor’s Bed 4 out of 5 stars, because I liked the premise and the characters.

Book Review of Rock Courtship

Rock Courtship

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Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh was a pleasant read. I didn’t find it as exciting as Rock Addiction. David and Thea’s love story was lukewarm for me. It could have been because I read this novel first, and then Rock Addiction. I felt like I was missing information, and then realized that I should have read Rock Addiction first. Everything became clear once I read the all the novels in the Rock Kiss series.

I always feel as if I’m missing something when I read Nalini’s books out of sequence because she does not write omniscient. She does not go into detail about the entire scene like other authors (e.g. Lora Leigh) from book to book. She will only tell you what the person said, but not what they were thinking or feeling, so it sometimes seems disjointed or incomplete. For example in Rock Courtship, Molly from Rock Addiction said to David, “send Thea a memo.” Nothing was explained why she was telling him this, but in Rock Addiction it was made clear that Molly saw that David was attracted to Thea and wanted to help them further their relationship. So my advice to you is to read all Nalini Singh’s novels, if they are connected in sequence.

My other issue with Rock Courtship was the way David was written. He was not an alpha male. I’m not saying every man has to be commanding and rip women’s panties off, but there was just something so tame about him. You might think I didn’t like the novel, but I actually enjoyed it once I started to adjust my thinking. He was not alpha, and therefore he would react differently to contentious situations.

I gave Rock Courtship three and a half stars.


Book Review of “Rock Addiction”

rock addiction

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I truly loved this novel. I loved it so much that I tried to buy it through Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately they did not have the eBook only the hard copy. I had initially downloaded Rock Addiction from the NYPL (New York Public Library) and read it in five days. It was a battle not to read it at work during my working hours. I stayed locked away in my office during lunch time, and could not wait for my commute home to immerse myself in this land of rock concerts, celebrity sightings, fun, and awesome sex.

The first time I learned of Nalini Singh was from a friend maybe four or five years ago. She tried to introduce me to Ms. Singh, but I just couldn’t get into the paranormal novel after reading Lora Leigh’s Breeds series. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a totally different view of this author. Maybe I wasn’t ready for her type of writing or maybe it was the genre, but her contemporary novels are sizzling hot, emotional, funny, highly descriptive, and captivating. I rediscovered Ms. Singh through the Royal House of Shadows book set, an anthology which continued an epic story told by four amazing authors.

royal house of shadows

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If you haven’t read my review or picked up a copy of the Royal House of Shadows, I invite you to do so. It was from that book set that I rediscovered Nalini Singh, and fell in love with her likable characters, their emotional journey, and the vivid descriptions.

I was hooked from the first page of Rock Addiction, a Rock Kiss Novel, and was engrossed with the characters, the locations, and the intertwining stories of Molly and Fox’s friends. I also read the other stories in the Rock Kiss series: Rock Courtship, Rock Hard, and Rock Redemption, which I will review separately.

In Rock Addiction, Molly Webster is originally from New Zealand, but moves to America to hang with her rock star. It is an endearing story of love at first sight and how the celebrities are viewed by the public/paparazzi, and the way they see themselves. This novel has everything. Hot sex against a wall (every woman’s dream) with a rock star who knows how to use what he’s got to optimal efficiency :).

I gave this novel 5 out of 5 stars for originality, eroticism, and fallible believable characters. Still fanning myself, and vowing to get the eBook to reread over and over again. 🙂

Book Review of “Hands On”

Hands on Jaci burton

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It’s funny, but I wrote something similar many moons ago. When I began reading Hands On by Jaci Burton, I wanted to go back and edit my story, The Lonely Widow :). Hands On is a very funny and erotic novel. Believe it or not, but it took me two days to finish this book. Lara McKenzie was a nerd on the outside, but her field in male and female libido made for one combustible research topic for her and Mark Whitman from “Total Man Magazine.”  Mark had the perfect solution to advance his career, he proposed that Lara and him burn up the sheets with some hands on research for his magazine. Lara balked at first, but then who can say no to a heartthrob like Mark.

Very unusual story line. Can you imagine being interviewed for wining first place in a fundraising masturbation-a-thon?  Well that was the inciting incident that brought Mark and Lara together. The story/plot just got hotter and hotter between them. I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t place it in a high category, as some of the other books I’ve read, but it was definitely an  intriguing subject and a page turner.

Hope you pick up a copy and lets discuss. It’s only 99 cents from Google Books. I promise you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Happy reading! 😉

Book Review of “Royal House of Shadows”

royal house of shadows

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What can I say about the Royal House of Shadows box set that has not been said many times over? These books contain vampires, werewolves, humans, witches, warlocks, action, love, sex, mystery, intrigue, and a lot of minute descriptions that make you feel that you have entered this bizarre world, or that it’s possible to go there.  I’ve read many anthologies, but this is the first one that not only has a recurring theme, but a continuation of the story from one author to the next.  Although their writing style is so different you don’t feel a jolt when you transition into another story. That takes talent!

Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen, and Nalini Singh’s theme for their novels are magical realism. The first novel is an adult take on Alice in Wonderland. The second novel started out as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. While the third novel dealt with Red Riding Hood. The fourth novel addresses Beauty and the Beast, as well as Nanny McPhee, but that’s just my opinion or interpretation.

I give this book set 5 out of 5 stars! These authors have done something phenomenal. Writing a cohesive group project is not easy, but these women made it seem seamless, highly interesting, and entertaining. The leading men and women are likable, and I’m invested in the outcome of their stories/lives.

Hope you pick up or download the book set. Happy reading!