Advice on Writing

Here is some very good advice regarding story beginnings from Creative Writing Now:
Do you have trouble with story beginnings?
The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to write the beginning of the story first.  You can always go back and write it later.

So if you’re stuck with the beginning, don’t let that stop you from writing the rest of the story.  In fact, it’s generally easier to come up with a great beginning once you know where your story is headed.

When you’re ready to start working on your beginning, here are some strategies that often work well (Note: these aren’t rules, only suggestions!):

– Start with dialogue or action.  That is often more engaging than beginning with description or background information.
– Start with a conflict.  Give your character a problem right away to get things moving.

– Start in the middle of the scene.  You can fill in the background information later.

– Start with something mysterious.  Raise questions in the reader’s mind that you’ll answer later in the story.
In case you’re looking for writing ideas this week, here are some first lines that you can use to begin stories of your own.
1) “Don’t move,” he whispered.
2) The scream sounded far away.

3) I turned away before she could see my face.
4) If it hadn’t rained that night, everything would have turned out differently.
5) My fingernails scrabbled against smooth stone.

6) It got harder every time.
7) The strange blue light shone through the trees.
8) It was the opposite of love at first sight.

9) “I don’t know him,” I said.
10) Someone, or something, was watching.
Happy writing!

All the best,

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