Kensington Book Accepting Queries

Read Authors’ Publish to find out more information.

Below is a guideline for choosing an Editor when submitting to Kensington Books. I’ve listed the Editors that are of interest to me, but there are others. I invite you to visit their website.

SUBMIT TO ONE EDITOR ONLY VIA EMAIL. From the list of editors and their areas of interest below, determine which editor would be best suited to or most interested in the type of book you are proposing. Address the submission to that editor’s attention. If an editor passes, it’s a pass for Kensington; do not re-query or re-submit to another editor.

Tara Gavin, Executive Editor: Fiction (Romance, Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mysteries, Multi-cultural Women’s Fiction, and Romantic Suspense).

Esi Sogah, Senior Editor: Fiction (historical romance, contemporary romance, cozy mysteries, suspense/thrillers, upmarket women’s fiction) and select non-fiction.

Martin Biro, Editor: Fiction (women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, historical mysteries, romances of all kinds, multicultural fiction, gay fiction, suspense, new adult and young adult).

Elizabeth May, Editorial Assistant: Fiction (Romance, Mysteries, Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Sci Fi/Fantasy)

Norma Perez-Hernandez, Editorial Assistant: Fiction (historical romance, contemporary romance, LGBT romance, traditional and cozy mysteries, thrillers, and select sci-fi and fantasy).


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