Hooked on Lynsay Sands Novels

Dear Friends:

Do you want to read novels that hold your interest from beginning to end? Paranormal Romances that have mystery, comedy, and action? What about interesting characters who some fear are vampires, but they are really immortals who imbibe blood, have an aversion to sunlight, have advance abilities, such as reading minds, distance vision, night vision, and a slew of others that are associated with Dracula? What about sex that although not vulgar sears your body and mind with heat generated from the language and visuals used on the page?

I became hooked on Lynsay Sands after reading Immortal Nights. Okay, I might have been hooked with Runaway Vampire, which I bought with a Barnes and Noble gift card late September 2016.


Photo Credit: EBook Hunter

Although Runaway Vampire was good, I did not find it stellar, but it lead me to want to read Immortal Nights, which was much better. I’ve now read more than ten books since the ending of September 2016. As soon as I finish one, I find myself looking for another in the Argeneau series.

Mrs. Sands wrote her novels as stand-alone books, but they each have intertwining stories and characters that move in and out of the series. The leading characters are all different. No two characters are alike in temperament or physical characteristics. Even the twins, although the may look identical. they have different personalities.

I feel the reason that the Argeneau series is so well received by romantic audiences is that she has a consistent story for her series. The immortals originated in Atlantis, a more technological advanced society. Nanos were introduced into some of the people who signed up for the trial to cure life threatening diseases. The nanos were suppose to get rid of any impurities in their bodies and then disappear, but the nanos began to multiply and needed blood to survive.

At the fall of Atlantis, only these medically altered beings survived.   They forced their host to find a way to get that blood through the evolution of fangs. Hence the tale of vampires was formed/born. Sands used mythology, history, and a modern day world to create her stories. After  Atlantis fell, the survivors continued to need repair from minor and major injuries, so the nanos needed daily doses of blood. Depending on the injuries, the nanos may require larger quantities. These beings were not really immortal though, as they can be killed with fire or having their heads chopped off.

These immortals as they prefer to be known looked for their lifemates: a male or female whose thoughts they could not read or control. Immortals can have more than one lifemate during their existence. It may sometimes take centuries to find their other half. Without their lifemate, the world becomes bland, and they give up the pleasures of life after the first century. Food and sex has no appeal for them until they meet their lifemate. The sex is so good that they pass out after an orgasm. Not faint, but actually pass out or become unconscious for a long period of time. Not even their sense of smell can wake them if they are caught in a burning building, as was the case in Born to Bite.


Photo Credit: Lynsay Sands Website

I highly recommend the Argeneau series as well as Lynsay Sands’ historical romances.


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