Tips for Publishing Your Book

Here are three tips from OutSkirts Press to publish your book before the holidays:

Trust your gut. This isn’t exactly the same as saying “Write now, edit later,” but that’s not far off. Doubt, often disguised as the editorial instinct, eats up more time than all of the world’s best laid plans, combined. Make bold, command decisions about what you’re going to write–and stick to your guns.

Write early. With a few rare exceptions, research indicates that both the human mind and the human body at their peak productivity in the early to mid-morning hours, before the post-lunch lull and the day’s various activities become undeniable distractions. Get a head start on finishing your project by dedicating a least a part of your morning to the craft. Getting up extra early is hard, but often worth it.

Write everywhere. If the mornings are when the hard work gets done, inspiration tends to crop up when least expected–or useful, in many cases. In bed, in the car, at work. To take full advantage of the mysterious workings of your imagination, make sure you are fully mobile as a writer. Carry a pocket notebook or use your smartphone to record your thoughts as they arrive, and keep these notes on hand each morning as you launch into another day. Don’t let them escape! Stop traffic or block an aisle in the grocery store if you have to–and if you bump into someone, maybe your apology can serve as an icebreaker to talk about your upcoming work with a potential reader!

Hope this helps someone… 🙂


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