Locked Heart: Too Much Sensation

Raun picked up Traci in his arms and headed towards her bedroom. How he knew where it was located told Traci a lot. Can he hear me walking up and down at night? Traci had tried to be quiet whenever she needed B.O.B., but sometimes she wished that Raun would hear him, and ask to join them. She had always wanted to be carried but figured that she was too tall and heavy for such foolishness. Raun did not seem to be straining under her weight.

Entering her room, he threw her on the bed. Traci’s muumuu fluttered showing that she was not wearing panties. Raun’s nostrils flared, and then he was attacking the buttons and zipper on his cargo pants. Traci lifted the hem of her dress to the top of her thighs. Raun lowered his zipper with care over the bulge that tented his shorts. His chest was rising and falling like if he had just ran a sprinted race with Usain Bolt in the 100-meter dash. Raun chuck down his shorts, and stood for a moment for Traci to view him in all of his sexy glory.

“Take it off,” He whispered, referring to her house dress.

Traci shook her head no. She did not want any ugliness to intrude upon their time together.

“Are you shy?” He teased as he hooked his fingers into his black briefs and tugged it down over his cock and tight ass. His member peeped above the waist band leaving a clear liquid against the blackness of the briefs. Traci felt her wetness between her thighs. She ached to open her legs wider so he could see and devour her.

Traci moved her eyes up from Raun’s erect full manhood to his defined and rippling abdomen. His male nipples were puckered and tiny. She felt self-conscious, although she knew she had a decent looking body. His body so far gleamed and looked unblemished. Would he become disgusted with her flawed body?

“Take off your dress.” He said again in a sexy growl.

How could she get out of disrobing in front of him? Would he find it strange if she asked to keep her dress on? She wanted him, but she did not want him to see her body. “I find—I don’t like being totally naked.”

“Why?” He did not seem upset, just puzzled that she wanted to keep her dress on.

“I’m shy.”

“Did someone insult your body?” Now he seemed angry by the prospect of someone hurting her feelings.

Traci latched on to that reason. Someone did insult her body, but they did more that insult. Today she will overindulge herself, and tomorrow or later tonight he could fix her iPad, she will make sure to hold him to it. Traci just wanted a taste of what GG talked about. She wanted the good, not the bad. Her B.O.B. took longer to satisfy her since she met Raun. She wanted to experience a screaming orgasm with a person. Would he leave if she did not expose her entire body?

“Don’t you find it kinda kinky?” She asked.

“Whatever you want love.”

Shuddering out a relieved sigh, Traci scooted herself up the bed.

Raun reached for her legs pulling her back to the edge, so that her knees were bent and hung over the side. ‘Where you think you’re going? I want you right here.” Kneeling at the side of the bed, he raised up her dress. He used his fingers to spread her open, and then used his tongue to lick her little nub. Moaning, Traci tried looking down her body to see what Raun was doing, but all she could see was the top of his head. The light caress made her jump and she tried to close her legs, but Raun’s torso was between them. Traci stiffened her legs when Raun’s tongue moved lower searching for her opening. He twirled his tongue outside before stabbing inside. He used a technique of little flicks and then stabbing inside her moist channel. Traci began to moan and thrash from the light flicks of his tongue against her clit, followed by thrusts inside her slippery channel. Her hands held on to his ears, then to the back of his head to keep him in place, while she writhe and panted at the sensations coursing through her body. His hands traveled up her body to her covered breasts. The material slipping and sliding over hard nipples making her more frenzied in her desire for immediate release.

Her legs thrashing up and down his sides and then thumping on his lower back became a signal. “Raun, please I need you.”

“You have me baby. Come for me.”

Traci felt the wave coming. Her mouth opened wide on a scream, but she did not have any air to release it. Her body curved in, and she tried pulling him up for him to enter her. She needed him inside now. Her mind went blank. Her heart galloped and she felt light headed.

Reaching back to untangle her arms and legs from his head and torso, Raun then pushed her back to the bed. Pulling her to the edge, he started to enter her.


“I’m not waiting for nothing. I’ve waited long enough already.”

“What about a condom?” Traci puffed out. “I’m not on birth control.”


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