Getting to Know Raun


Photo Credit: Basement Stairs

Traci could hear Raun’s footsteps coming up the connecting door stairs within the house. She heard the door creak open, and although she was expecting him, she was still startled to find him in her apartment. A squeak escaped her like a hiccup. Her hand flew to her rapid beating heart. With thumbs hooked into the loops of his jeans, Raun leaned against the door jamb. He was always leaning against something in his sexy pose. Walking towards him on unsteady legs, she tried to smile, but was sure that it appeared as a grimace. “I need to wash off–You—You—um care to join me?” Traci felt like a tongue tied idiot. She had been trying for sexy, but the words refused to escape her clogged throat.

“Ok, but if I join you, I’ll never get to my questions.”

Maybe I should wait until he’s fixed my iPad.  Damn you Ian! “Why don’t you wait for me in the living room. I’ll just be a minute.” After saying that Traci dashed down the short hall to her bedroom. Snagging her comfortable muumuu from behind the door, she rushed back down the hall to the bathroom, before entering she walked a few steps to the living room to ensure that he was indeed waiting for her there. A quick look showed Raun in a relaxed pose, his head thrown back against her second hand sofa with his eyes closed. He was breathtaking. Tall, lean, with defined muscles on his arms and chest seen through the tight white tee. His jean clad legs sprawled with his hands resting on his crotch. He shifted his lower body as if trying to find a comfortable position on the lumpy sofa.

“Do you plan to stand there much longer?” Raun asked although his eyes were closed.

How did he know I was there? Traci wondered.

As if he heard her thoughts, he replied, “You smell delicious. You need me to scrub your back?”


Photo Credit: taking a shower

Turning around, she fled to the bathroom on her tiptoes. It was the fastest shower she had ever taken. After discarding her mini jeans shirt dress. THe shower was faster than a cowboy, as the Bajans would say. She was anxious to get back to Raun. What’s wrong with me? When did I become so needy? It was not all about sex, she also basked in being in his company as well. He was the first guy after Ian that she felt comfortable with. Patting her body dry, she stared at every exposed feature in the mirror. Her breasts were still perky, and her stomach was flat. She did not have the definition that Raun had in his abs, but she did not see that as a problem. She looked south of her belly button and wondered if she had time for a trim. Does it really matter? She was slim figured with good size breasts, they were not too big or too small. She hated her big nipples. Why couldn’t I be blessed with pin head nipples instead? Turning her torso, she tried to see her back. She saw some of the crisscross scars. They were ugly. I hope you roast in hell! If Ian was here right now, she felt that she would beat him to within an inch of his life.

She wished she could go back in time, and tell her young self that beauty was not everything. Turning away from the memories and her ugliest feature, she squirted lotion into her palms and ran them over her body while imagining that her hands were Raun’s caressing her supple flesh. Eyes closed she ran her hands between her legs sighing in pleasure when her thumb grazed her clit.  Wondering how his hands would feel, she brought her nipple to her mouth biting the tip, while her other hand plucked and squeezed the nub swollen between her lower lips. Groaning, her legs trembled. She needed Raun’s fingers between her legs. Removing her fingers, she reached for her floral muumuu.

It fluttered over lavender scented skin. Feeling decadent, she opened the door and walked out the room without underwear. Body humming with need, she walked towards the living room thinking of all the things she always wanted to do, but never got the chance to try. Yes, she wanted to have sex with Raun, but on her terms. They can only indulge in sex at night and her back must be covered at all times. She wondered if he would go for that. He’ll have to go for it or the deal’s off! First he had to fix her iPad, which was non negotiable. She was ready for anything.


photo credit: Blind Gossip

What she found in her living room stalled her breath, and put all her conditions out of her head. Raun was masturbating.


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