Traci’s Locked Heart: Quid Pro Quo

“Excuse me.” Raun turned at the timid slightly accented voice. He had been standing in front of his home office window at his standing computer desk skimming through pictures on his HP computer. Damn! The chocolate beauty standing just inside the doorway wearing tight white shorts and a tank top that matched her skin tone to perfection had him doing a double take. “I-I need… Um. May I have a minute?” She asked in her sing-song Barbadian accent. For some reason her voice revs up his libido. Was it her voice or her entire package? Her scent, her voice, her long legs, defined arms,  breasts that his hands itched to hold and mold her tiny waist, a butt that he could not wait to tongue, kiss, bite, and suck,  and of course that glistening warm dark chocolate skin.

The first night that they had officially met he had been too angry to see her beauty, or so he told himself at the time. He could not really fault her for calling the cops. What if his parents had been in danger? Still it was embarrassing to have to deal with the cops. At least he was somewhat glad that it was his friend Ryan who had arrived that night. Although Ryan still ribs him about that night two weeks later. She continued to stare at him fidgeting under his lecherous gaze. He realized that he was mentally undressing her, while she waited for a response to her question. “Sure. What–?” He cleared his throat and began again, “What can I do for you?” His voice was raspy like he just woke up. Do I get anything in return? What am I thinking?  It was probably a clogged toilet or a leaky faucet.  God, he hoped it was something that his prick would want. It was twitching and lengthening behind his black cut offs. His nipples were pointed and hard. Did she even notice what she was doing to me?

Her gaze shifted about the room before coming back to him. She licked those full lips and he imagined that her wet tongue was flicking around the tip of his cock. He needed to reign in his fantasies before he embarrassed himself in front of her. “Everything okay in your apartment?” He rushed to speak, as she remained quiet, as if trying to garner her courage.

“I noticed your diplomas.” She gestured to them, but continued to stare at him. Her eyes begged for something her mouth was having a hard time saying. His diplomas were primarily computer programming and software developer. “Um.” She licked her lips again. Did she know how enticing that action was? “Can you hack into computers?”

Hack into computers? Nowhere did it say I was a hacker. What is she trying to involve me in? Not even for a piece of what is beneath her shorts will he involve himself in something that could get him arrested. He gave her the evil glare that he had leveled on her the night she called the cops. Turning back to his work, he angrily swiped through the nude photographs. That was the reason she came dressed in her scanty attire? She had it all on display, but right then he hated her once again for underestimating him. For no woman was he willing to spend time behind bars.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

Her voice sounded shaky as if she was holding back tears. No! She doesn’t get to play me like that. She wants my help? Okay, it’s time for a return on my investment. Not that I have any intention of hacking into any computers, even if I knew how. “Whose computer you want me to hack?”


Raun knew she could see his stunned expression when their gazes met. “You want me to hack your computer? Why?” He walked towards her, but she took a step back into the hall. He stopped, because he could see the fear in her eyes. What was she afraid of? He was beginning to believe that it was him. Damn! How’ll I get mine, if she’s afraid of me? He had to play this right. “Let’s get comfortable.” He beckoned her to advance further into the room. She took a small step in the office, stopped, and looked over her shoulder. Looking back at him, she asked, “Do you mind if we sit outside?” Raun did not know the last time he had sat outside. His mom and dad enjoyed sitting outside, but he did not have the amount of free time that is required to just relax. Since his parents had bequeath him the house, he had been doing some necessary repairs and upkeep to Traci’s rental, and the grounds. He was an online computer programmer instructor and one of his students had recommended him for a job taking professional photos of female porn stars. Who had time to relax? He led her to the patio furniture that had been around since before he had been deployed to Afghanistan four years ago.

Traci had led the way outside, but stepped to the side to let him grab the inside chair closest to the wall. She perched on the chair closer to freedom. “You have a strange way of asking me to unlock your computer,” Raun smiled through his confusion.

“I don’t need it unlocked. I need it hacked!” She replied.

“Do you know what the word implies?”

“Look are you going to help me or not?”

“Why do you want to hack your own computer?”

Taking a deep breath and finally relaxing her spine into the chair, she explained that someone downloaded a virus on her computer.

“What kind of virus?”

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be sitting here asking for your help.”

Raun wanted to smile at her defiance, but was just happy to see her more relaxed in his presence. Her body was slumping as time went on.

“What I meant was how do you know it’s a virus?”

“It downloaded to my iPad without my permission. I mean I clicked on a link—“

“Why would you do something so asinine?” Shouted Raun. He saw his mistake at once. Traci tensed up again, but then he realized that it was not with fear. Thank God! He did not want her to fear him, but that was just plain stupid for people in this day and age to click on unknown links.

“Don’t you yell at me?” Her accent was more pronounced and she was doing her own yelling.

“Sorry for yelling, but why would you click on an unknown link.”

“Did I say it was unknown?”

“Okay. Start at the beginning.”

“If you would shut up and let me talk. I can explain it to you.” She sighed again as if trying to get herself under control. The fear was back in Traci’s eyes when she looked at Raun.

“Just cut it out! If you want me to help you, you got to stop acting like I’m going to molest or beat the crap out of you.”

Sucking in a startled breath, Traci squared her shoulders. “I’m not completely defenseless. Before you can–”

“Okay, okay. Just tell me what happened with your computer.”

“I opened an email on my iPad from our school Principal. I saw a link, and clicked on it. All of a sudden pictures started downloading, and I can’t get the iPad to reboot. Nothing I do works.”

“Someone from your school sent you pictures? Is that all? What’s the big deal?” Raun did not mean to laugh, but it was laughable.

“The big deal Mr. Computer Expert is that the pictures are nudes. I work in an elementary school where the previous Principal was fired for having child pornography on his work and home computer. I’m in charge of impressionable kids, and don’t want to lose my job over something like this.”

“Why would someone send you porn?”

“Look can you help me or not?”

Raun looked at Traci’s agitation and wondered why was she so upset? His main question was why would someone send her porn? She didn’t seem inclined to answer that question. “Give me the iPad, I’ll see what I can do.”

“People are always saying don’t give your passwords to anyone.”

“What are you afraid I’ll find? Besides the nudes of course.”

“As I said, I’m a teacher. I may have students’ confidential information on my iPad.” She hedged. He felt she was lying, but she was right. He didn’t want to know her password.

“Okay. What do you suggest?”

“I can bring–”

Raun interrupted with, “Why don’t you invite me to dinner? Feed me some of that wonderful Caribbean food I smell wafting down to me every night.” He smiled through the desire that had his stomach in knots. He wanted to be alone with her, away from prying eyes. He could feel eyes from all around the neighborhood staring at them. “You know, quid pro quo. You feed me, and I hack your iPad.” He was thinking of another type of food that he hoped to explain to her later tonight.


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