Book Review of “In the Doctor’s Bed”

in the doctor's bed

Photo Credit: Google Books

I enjoyed In the Doctor’s Bed. The novel had me on tender-hooks. I saw the correlation between Dr. Matthews’drug abuse and Drs. De Winter and Campbell’s fraternization. Both parties were addicted, and could not give up their vices. I only wish the book was longer, so that Brenda Jackson could expand on the drug case. I felt that the issue was not resolved to my satisfaction. What was the outcome? Is this book part of a series? I felt like two issues were left up in the air. Was Dr. Dudley and Nurse Tsang having an affair? (A couple of hints throughout the book made me think that they were, but nothing ever came of it). The other issue was Dr. Terrance Matthews’ lawsuit against Dr. Lucien De Winter and the hospital for wrongful termination. I know Lucien spoke to a lawyer, but will Dr. Matthews drop his lawsuit, or will he still go through with it? Will Dr. Matthews’ family admit that their son has a drug problem? I guess in a Silhouette Romance novel there are a certain number of words you have to write for that publication, and once reached you must stop.

I did like the love story between Dr. Jaclyn Campbell and Dr. Lucien De Winter. I also liked that Lucien was Jamaican. Brenda Jackson knows how to write romance, foreshadowing, and likable characters effectively. My mind kept bringing up scenarios or people catching them having breakfast at a diner, or at their favorite hide-a-way bed & breakfast inn. Someone in the form of a private investigator hired by the Matthews rich and powerful family.

What I didn’t like was Jaclyn’s holier than thou attitude when she found out Dr. Matthews was doing drugs, but she seemed okay with breaking the fraternization rule of the hospital. I mean drug abuse is the bigger issue when dealing with patients, but also is sleeping around with your boss, if it’s against hospital rules. I felt that something should have been said or mentioned about the similarities in their vices. Lucien and Jaclyn were unable to save themselves from ruin, same as Terrance. I feel that Terrance should’ve gotten help or he should’ve been the one to find out about Jaclyn and Lucien’s sleeping around. Just saying. 🙂

I still gave In the Doctor’s Bed 4 out of 5 stars, because I liked the premise and the characters.


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