Write What Excites You…

Creative Writing Instructors have always told me to write what I know. I also had a peer/friend tell me the same thing as well, but that is limiting, because I don’t live an exciting life.

I came across this comment (“Write what excites you or scares you. Either of those [emotions] will produce a far better story than blindly writing only what you know.” ~ Pat Brown) from a blog which made me stop and think. I mean I’ve been writing from that premise for years.

Last week a former colleague asked if I had written any new plays. I told her that I was writing erotica, and she asked, “don’t you have to have experience in that to write about it?” I quickly said, “no,” and then tried to explain that I write down my fantasies. She looked at me like I was crazy. I write about things I find exciting and intriguing.

This morning I was thinking about volunteering at a children’s center or program, because my lead character works with children. The only experience I have with children are with my nieces and nephews. They are all adults now, and this is a new generation of kids. They act and say things differently than kids of yesteryear.

I went to a comedy club and one of the comedians talked about babies using cell phones and iPads. Kids are more advanced today with technology. I can’t use the same mind set of 18 or 30 years ago when my nieces and nephews were kids. I have to know what kids know today. How they speak and interact with adults, so I have to investigate them. For me that’s what writing is all about. Investigating, learning, and applying what you learn in a way that is interesting to others. Writers take readers into another realm that they know nothing about. Romance novels are not just frivolous drivel and sex. There’s more that I’ve learnt about myself, and the world from picking up or downloading a romance novel.


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