Perceptions: Peanut Butter

Day 8 of the self-publishing summit, and I was motivated to write 407 words about peanut butter. I was eating some peanut butter and all of a sudden a scene for my story popped into my head. It started like this:

“What’s that for, you hungry?” Asked Raun while staring at the peanut butter jar Traci placed on her nightstand. There was no bread, fruits, or vegetables, not even a knife or spoon to scoop out the paste.

“Did you know peanut butter helps you lose weight?” Asked Traci running her tongue around her lips. Raun’s eyes followed the movement of that tongue and just like that he was hard. He imagined that tongue sliding over the head of of penis before moving down his shaft. Traci slowly picked up the jar and started quoting facts about calories and fiber, but all her sexy voice did was made him think about sex. Her slender index finger slid up and down the jar as she read off the nutrient label. Raun imagined that finger coasting down his chest, circling his nipples before heading into dangerous territory. The thought of that lone finger touching his body, had him ready to tear off her shorts and cropped top. Was she wearing underwear beneath her clothes? He could see the outline of her tight nipples. Groaning, he crossed his arms over his body, grabbed fists full of his tee shirt, and pulled it off. His movements were jerky as he wanted to continue devouring her scantily covered body…

I wrote more, but that’s just a taste.


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