Self-Publishing Summit 2016: Jay Papasan

I finally understand what I thought at first was Chandler Bolt’s evasiveness to mention which one of the interviewees were his favorite interview at the 2016 Self-Publishing Summit. With each speaker, I changed who was my favorite interviewee until I have to agree that they have all become my favorites. 🙂 They were each passionate about writing, and how their ideas were geared towards helping others or at least one person.


Photo Credit: BiggerPockets

My takeaways from Jay Papasan’s interview were time blocking and finding your bunker. Make sure you have a time and a place to do your writing until it becomes a habit. Although without the idea or story/plot to sustain or motivate you through the entire book, it will be a waste of time to write anything that’s worth reading. Find the central idea first before you do anything. Why do you want to write this particular book? What’s your motivation? Once you can answer those questions, you need to find a place (bunker: some place where you won’t be interrupted) and create a schedule (time blocking schedule or calendar) to write.



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