Self-Publishing Success Summit 2016


Photo Credit: Navid Moazzez

I received a few emails at the end of last month regarding a self-publishing summit for writers from Chandler Bolt (author of How to Not Suck at Writing Your First Book) and Joseph Michael (scrivener coach). The summit is actually online, and begins this Sunday, June 12th at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada).

I was asked to share the information. If you’re interested in gaining free access to the self-publishing success summit hosted by Chandler Bolt, click the following link and request your free ticket.

Chandler Bolt promises:

40+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs [will] Reveal Their Secrets For Writing, Marketing, & Publishing Your First Book — AND Using It To Build A Business.

[As well as] Discover the proven systems and strategies to build your business, brand, or following.

Good luck! Hope you can join the summit this Sunday, June 12th at 4PM!


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