Book Review of Rock Courtship

Rock Courtship

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Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh was a pleasant read. I didn’t find it as exciting as Rock Addiction. David and Thea’s love story was lukewarm for me. It could have been because I read this novel first, and then Rock Addiction. I felt like I was missing information, and then realized that I should have read Rock Addiction first. Everything became clear once I read the all the novels in the Rock Kiss series.

I always feel as if I’m missing something when I read Nalini’s books out of sequence because she does not write omniscient. She does not go into detail about the entire scene like other authors (e.g. Lora Leigh) from book to book. She will only tell you what the person said, but not what they were thinking or feeling, so it sometimes seems disjointed or incomplete. For example in Rock Courtship, Molly from Rock Addiction said to David, “send Thea a memo.” Nothing was explained why she was telling him this, but in Rock Addiction it was made clear that Molly saw that David was attracted to Thea and wanted to help them further their relationship. So my advice to you is to read all Nalini Singh’s novels, if they are connected in sequence.

My other issue with Rock Courtship was the way David was written. He was not an alpha male. I’m not saying every man has to be commanding and rip women’s panties off, but there was just something so tame about him. You might think I didn’t like the novel, but I actually enjoyed it once I started to adjust my thinking. He was not alpha, and therefore he would react differently to contentious situations.

I gave Rock Courtship three and a half stars.



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