Book Review of “Hands On”

Hands on Jaci burton

Photo Credit: Google Books

It’s funny, but I wrote something similar many moons ago. When I began reading Hands On by Jaci Burton, I wanted to go back and edit my story, The Lonely Widow :). Hands On is a very funny and erotic novel. Believe it or not, but it took me two days to finish this book. Lara McKenzie was a nerd on the outside, but her field in male and female libido made for one combustible research topic for her and Mark Whitman from “Total Man Magazine.”  Mark had the perfect solution to advance his career, he proposed that Lara and him burn up the sheets with some hands on research for his magazine. Lara balked at first, but then who can say no to a heartthrob like Mark.

Very unusual story line. Can you imagine being interviewed for wining first place in a fundraising masturbation-a-thon?  Well that was the inciting incident that brought Mark and Lara together. The story/plot just got hotter and hotter between them. I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t place it in a high category, as some of the other books I’ve read, but it was definitely an  intriguing subject and a page turner.

Hope you pick up a copy and lets discuss. It’s only 99 cents from Google Books. I promise you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Happy reading! 😉


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