Crimson Frost Books Seeking Steamy Romances

Hello Erotic Bloggers:

Crimson Frost Books is seeking steamy romances about sexy bartenders and magical element of dwellers on exotic islands. See submission guidelines below:

The Bartender’s Tales

female bartender

Disclaimer: I do not own the copyrights for the image above

Crimson Frost Books is currently seeking steamy romances about the ultimate sexy bartender – think denim/leather, tattoos, white cotton shirts that cling to their bodies, long hair… We want stories that feature a bartender (male or female), where he or she is the focal point of the story. Perhaps he/she is telling of something they saw, experienced, or a tale of their own love lives, the one thread must be the bartender. These stories will be graphic, steamy, and feature strong language. Erotic in nature, the sex is the final touch on a fast paced story which leaves the reader in need of a cold shower or their significant other!

Bartender’s Tales will be between 15,000 words and 30,000 words and can feature any pairing. They can be during any time frame, historical to futuristic, but MUST feature the bartender! These stories must have the HEA/HFN as per romance, and can lead into another. There is no limit on the number of submissions an author can make. Please follow our guidelines for submissions and send to us at with Bartender’s Tales in the subject line.

Fantasy Isle Call


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Crimson Frost Books is seeking fantasy stories! We’re looking for books featuring magical elements set in exotic locations created with the reader in mind. Must be fast paced, well developed, three dimensional characters of a magical or mythological flavor. They can be set in any time frame from historical to futuristic space adventures. The worlds must be well constructed and draw the reader into the location and plot. Sex scenes need to be intense and well written, the sex adding to the story. HEA/HFN is required for these stories.

Submissions should:

– Be a minimum of 10k, maximum of 80k but will consider longer works.
– All subgenres are welcome and all prohibitive guidelines must be observed. For details on submissions please see our submission guidelines.
– Submissions should be sent to
– Please state Fantasy Call in subject line



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