Let’s Pretend… cont’d.


Disclosure: I do not hold any copyrights for this image.

As Mike’s finger reached past the elastic leg of her bikini panty, the train gave a shudder, as if it was experiencing an orgasm, and then darkness descended. With the darkness all remaining inhibitions for Julie and Mike fled. They were caught in a sea of sexual sensation, as they flew through the subway tunnels on an express F train. Julie whispered, “help me take off my clothes.” Mike’s finger stopped short of its destination.

Suddenly, something cold grazed  Julie’s inner thighs from behind. How many hands did Mike have? One gripped her waist, another was under her dress, but a third seemed to be holding something against the entrance of her pussy. Julie came to the realization that the third hand belonged to the person breathing harshly in her right ear. Tiny flicks of a tongue stabbed said ear. Holy shit! Someone was joining in on our sexual fantasy. The train bounced along the tracks, swaying and shuddering. Heart racing, Julie was seriously turned on by the prospect that someone was bold enough to caress her in the dark train. She didn’t mean to encourage him or her, but could not help moving her thighs further apart and wiggling her ass.

Little plumes of light danced on the ceiling above almost everyone’s head as they either read or played games on their electronic devices. The train careened around a bend with screeching wheels and two long blasts of its horn. The sounds forced a surprised moan out of Julie’s closed lips. The lack of light and the unknown assailant rubbing– OMG! The object is a phone. It hummed and vibrated at her asshole. Groaning, Julie squeezed her ass cheeks and almost came. She refused to come with a vibrating phone pulsing at her A-hole. She needed Mike’s cock deep in her pussy, her legs around his waist, while he sucked and bit her swollen nipples.

Julie held Mike’s face steady and nibbled his bottom lip, before thrusting her tongue down his throat. The ate at each other’s mouth, sucking tongues like they wanted to consume each other. “Help me Mike. Help me take my clothes off.” Julie thrashed around jabbing people in her exuberance to get totally naked. “Lady, watch your elbow,” cried an annoyed passenger.

“What the fuck is going on, are we back in the fucking ’70’s? Where’s the goddammed lights?” It was as if Julie’s actions finally forced people to voice their complaints at the lack of light. The murmurs were escalating with every moment the darkness remained. Their discontent hummed through the dark, the sensation like an aphrodisiac pulsing along her exposed skin. Mike grabbed Julie’s waist in both hands and ground his cock into her clit. Julie’s mouth opened wide before sucking on his pointed chin, while groaning her release.

The scent of her release wafted through the car.

“Hell-to-the-NO,” cried a scandalized woman. “Tell me someone is NOT fucking on this goddamned train?”

Just then, Julie felt a cock urgently rubbing on the back of her thighs, and excited breaths expelling in her ear. “I’m coming,” groaned a male’s voice. “Shit! I’m coming!” The lights came back on briefly before flickering on and off like a disco ball.

People were staring at someone behind Julie and Mike. Mike hastily pulled down Julie’s coat, as the PSA erupted from the speakers over the man’s harsh breathing and cursing release. “Sexual harassment is a crime on the subway. A crowded subway is no excuse for an improper touch. Please report any unwanted advances to the police.”


7 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend… cont’d.

  1. I saw the last sentence flash on the train’s LCD screen. I hastily wrote it down wondering how will I incorporate into the story. Later with the guy joining in, I knew where the PSA needed to be added. 🙂


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