The Unwanted Roommate

I didn’t ask for a roommate, but I have one.
Why choose me?
Was it something I did, or didn’t do?
Where’s his share of the rent?
So far he’s here with arms tucked in,
Haven’t seen one red cent!

Why is he here?
What does he want?
To pillage and rape my resources?

I’m afraid he will attack when I fall asleep.
I sleep fitfully.
I’m watching and waiting for him to climb my walls,
Break down my barriers.

Scared to fall asleep lest he begin nibbling my toes.
No trap can hold him at bay.
I know he’s watching me,
Hiding in dark corners.

grey mouse

Photo Credit: canstockphoto

Maybe it’s time for me to leave, instead of forcing him out.
Time to consolidate and get my affairs in order.

Time for a new beginning…


22 thoughts on “The Unwanted Roommate

        • Apparently, my unwanted pest has the same attributes as your ex. I don’t know which hole or opening he burrowed through, but I wish he would leave by the same route. I love my apartment. It’s close to all methods of transportation and grocery stores. It’s usually pest free, but new apartments are sprouting up all around me. Did you know they can come up through the toilet? The internet is a dangerous thing. I’m learning a lot about my unwanted roommate.

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          • A gray house mouse. Yes, I’m seriously having thoughts of moving. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years. Never had a problem before. Rent is very expensive in NY. My current apt. is double what I pay elsewhere.

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          • Oh my Lawd!! Yes I’ve heard how expensive rent is in NY, I don’t envy you. And your right your gray house mouse has some of the same qualities of my ex-hubby except I think mice are cute (wouldn’t want to live with one but they’re cute). Do they really come up through the toilets? Oh crap now I’ve got to Google this. If you love your place and you’ve been there for 20 years then the mouse would have to leave the house.

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          • Lol. Mice are nocturnal. So during the day, not a sighting, but at night it’s all over the place looking for food. My eyes zinging back and forth. I haven’t slept at all last night. Just don’t want it crawling over me or nibbling on any exposed areas. 🙂 It’s days like this I wish I had an owl or cat. Then again the cat might bring me its kill. Smh.

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