Book Review of “Nicholas”

I was eagerly looking forward to reading more novels by Cheryl Holt after finishing Double Fantasy. I quickly went online and borrowed Nicholas from my local Public Library, and downloaded a sample of Wicked from the Kindle Store. I began reading Nicholas, and it vaguely reminded me of something that I had read before, but I kept on reading, and then it hit me why it seemed familiar. The theme, story, and plot were identical to Double Fantasy.

I gave Nicholas three stars, because it was actually very good, but I had just finished reading Double Fantasy, so that was fresh in my mind. Cheryl Holt weaves a good story, but those two plots were too similar for me to give it more stars. The leading men start out as reprobates and later are saved by the leading ladies. The brothers (not twins this time) were also not acknowledged by their father until he died. There’s a woman in the village who thinks she’s above everyone including the new Lord of the manor. This guy was also a Captain, but in a respectful endeavor, as opposed to Jamieson Merrick (Double Fantasy) who was a sea Captain. The sex scenes are very hot! I like that there is a lot of drama and subterfuge in her novels.

What I dislike is that the women are always tricked by the men. The women believe that the men will marry them, but they only use them. I felt the same amount of anger at the author as at the leading ladies. I know that’s the formula, but that doesn’t stop me from disliking  that part of the story, and wanting to skip it :).

My advice to all readers: never read a Cheryl Holt novel back to back, because they have the same plot and story. Well, at least that was my experience of Nicholas and Double Fantasy.


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