Let’s Pretend…

179 street subway

Photo Credit: The [Transport Net]

Julie and Michael decided to pretend they were strangers on the F train. She entered on 179th Street, Hillside Avenue, while he boarded at 169th Street. “Be careful of the closing doors,” announced the train conductor. Mike scanned the almost empty train for Julie, which was heading downtown to Manhattan. He found her in the front of the train sitting in the two-seater section. The place was usually reserved for the homeless or people who wanted a seat for their many bags. Julie’s head was bent over her cellphone, her index finger swiping the screen every 2-3 seconds. Her black and white striped fedora hat pulled low over her brow, tipped to the right side obscured some of her face, but her strong aboriginal profile and red kissable lips beckoned him.

With dick twitching behind his zipper, Mike boldly strode toward her. The seat was vacant next to her, but he preferred to stand with his dick in her face. Licking her lips, Julie knew it was Mike who stood in front of her. She would recognize that bulge anywhere. No other man smelt like him. No other man walked like him. He was unique. She thought he was unique when they met nine years ago. She fell in love with him before she even knew what it meant to love the opposite sex. She saw him and wanted to take care of him forever. At thirteen her young heart was about to burst from her meager chest. She followed him everywhere and begged her mom to have him show her how to maneuver New York’s concrete jungle. For a fifteen year-old boy, he took his responsibilities very seriously.

It took time for Julie to whittle down his scruples. He wanted a sister, but she needed a lover. Someone not only to show her how to navigate through NY’s customs, but how to become a desirable young woman. It took her three years of teasing and asking to sleep in his room because of a storm or scary movie, before he finally gave in to her subtle demands. They have been exclusive ever since. Now she wanted to experience the thrill of sex in public. It took many months for him to believe that he was coercing her into fucking on the subway. Julie smiled again in anticipation of what was soon to come.

The train steadily filled up as passengers ran on board searching for vacant seats. A large lady with many bags sat down in the corner seat forcing Julie to either stand or sit forward. Julie opted for scooting forward. Mike didn’t move back, and Julie’s face was inches away from his dick. Her fedora caused the slight separation from her intended goal. Julie tilted her head back on her long graceful neck, and Mike winked down at her. Laughing, she put her hand out as if to push him back a step. He refused to budge, and her hand connected with his engorged penis. The bag lady made a sound, but when they swiveled their heads to her, they found her eyes closed, mouth opened, and her head resting against the wall of the train. Julie began to rub Mike’s prick lightly, as if she wasn’t aware of where her hand had rested.

Turning back to face her, Mike flexed his butt cheeks and tilted his pelvis forward minutely. Julie swung her head back and up to Mike’s gaze. Her breath hitched, and she slowly lowered her hand; it was like a tactile caress that inflamed both of them. Licking her lips again, she fanned herself with her spring coat. She knew that from his vantage point, he could see her breasts spilling over the top of her push up floral lace bra that matched the panties she had slipped on that morning. The top of her blue mini dress gaped open to give him clear access to her assets.

Gazing down, Mike wondered What happened to her dress? Was she still wearing it? Is it in her over-sized bag?  The bag was sharing the seat with her and the bag lady.  Maybe we should’ve made time for a quickie before boarding this train. The train wasn’t as crowded as they had hoped. Where’re the strap-hangers? Is it a holiday? April 20th is not a holiday in New York.

At Roosevelt Avenue, students and adults making their way to school and work respectively forced their way onto the train. Their actions pushed Mike away from his stance straddling Julie’s thighs. It was time to make their move. Nudging her foot with the tip of black dress shoe, he tilted his head to the far doors away from on coming passengers and strap-hangers who refused to move away from the door lest they get trapped inside when their stop arrived. Leading the way over to the corner near the doors on the left side of the train. By the time they made it to the opposite side of the train, Julie’s vacant seat was occupied by a young man who fought an older woman for the seat.

“Young people today ain’t got no respect for their elders,” one West Indian woman remarked.

“It’s how they’re raised today. Babies having babies,” replied another.

People were looking in the direction of the speakers, which thankfully was away from Mike and Julie. Julie began unbuttoning her spring coat from the bottom upwards. First displaying a her knees, then her thighs, and finally the aquamarine mini silk dress. Mike caressed her outer thighs then touched her bikini panties. Rubbing slowly on the outside as he searched for her hidden nub. He tipped her head back and launched into a breath stealing kiss. They devoured each other. The kiss was so hot that people close to them turned away in embarrassment.

“They aren’t taught manners. Whatever happened to excuse me, thank you, and please?” Look how he ignoring we. Come on. Get up and give de old girl yuh seat!”

“Who you calling old?” Cried the older woman.

“Stand yuh ground young man! I here squabbling for a seat for she, and she talking about she ain’t old.” People closer to the conversation started laughing.

Mike’s finger slipped beneath the leg of her lace floral bikini. Inching upward into warm liquid. Groaning, Julie tore her mouth away to gulp in a much needed breath. Her head fell to his shoulder and inadvertently knocked off her hat. Mike made a grab for it, but it touched his fingertips before hitting a man behind Julie. “Sorry,” Mike apologized. The man said nothing, but smiled knowingly at Mike before passing the hat to him. Hat man stood sideways directly behind Julie.

Suddenly, Mike had a vision of this guy winding on Julie’s butt and squeezing her tits, while Mike plunged between her warm thighs close to where he wanted to be. Could they actually engage in intercourse on the train? The plan had seemed foolproof while at home, but now that cellphones were prevalent, he didn’t want to exploit Julie this way. What had he been thinking?



“Maybe we should wait,” he said quietly. His eyes were locked with the guy behind her.

“What? What do you mean wait? You got me so turned on with all this foreplay and you want to stop?”

Mike rushed to answer before she alerted everyone to the unfolding tableau. “I forgot that everyone has a cellphone,” he said sadly.

“Well I didn’t.”

What was she saying? Was she saying she didn’t mind someone videotaping them? “Julie?”

“Don’t Julie me. This was our fantasy! I want to do this Mike. I need to do this, please,” and licked his bottom lip. Groaning, eyes still locked with hat catcher, he sighed and then gazed into Julie’s eyes. Searching for an answer to what he wanted versus what she wanted. Mike saw the truth and need reflected in her eyes. She really wanted this. Did he really talk her into this or was this what she wanted all along? For weeks he remembered the petting and delicious kisses they exchanged on the train.

“Did you manipulate me?” Although his voice sounded angry, his eyes were smiling. Julie was a born manipulator. She always made everything seemed like it was his idea. That was one of the reasons he loved her. Shock reverberated through him. Did I just use the “L” word?

“Little me? Manipulate a grown intelligent man?” She grinned into his eyes, before moving the hand resting on his broad chest down his taunt flat abs, and lower to the bulge under his dress pants.

To be continued…


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