Nominated for Liebster Award


Although my blog is not new per se. I’ve only recently revived it in January 2016. I began this blog back in 2010, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to do, and so it went fallow for many years until I took Blogging 101 with WordPress University.

Thank you timelesswheel for the nomination. I truly appreciate you thinking of me. I invite everyone to check out timelesswheel’s inspirational/motivational blog.  At least it has been inspirational and motivational for me. 🙂

Questions asked of me:

  1. I see why you blog from your posts. The question is…what keeps you going? How or where do you find your inspiration?
    1. What keeps me going is encouragement from my followers, the need to finish what I’ve started, and the urge to write.
    2. Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. It might be a story someone told me, a news report, or simply my imagination (I’m always asking myself “what happens next?”).
  2. What’s your favorite hobby or leisure activity? Have you ever thought of making it your profession?
    1. My favorite hobby is reading romance novels. I did flirt/toy with the idea in my early 20’s, but upon investigation, I found that it didn’t pay enough to support my lifestyle (rent, food, cable, utilities, etc.).
  3. Is there something you want to still accomplish within this year? What is it?
    1. Yes, I would like to finish my novel, Perceptions, and have it published.
  4. What kind of blogposts do you enjoy reading? How often and how much time do you spend reading them?
    1. I enjoy reading inspirational, motivational, mystery, erotic, and comedic posts.
    2. I’ve never really timed myself. I usually read blog posts on Fridays and Saturdays (well into the early morning hours). I usually begin reading in the early evenings, unless I have a juicy erotic novel I just can’t put down.
  5. Have you overcome a fear this year? If not, is there one you’d like to curb?
    1. I’ve overcome the fear of judgement. I feared that people would judge me negatively, because I wrote erotica. People have been wonderful on WordPress and LinkedIn. I’ve also recently set up a fan Facebook page. Since the page is linked to my personal page, I haven’t really posted anything erotic on it. Somehow my mom found the Page and liked it. It gave me pause, and I’ve since only posted motivational quotes and positive news (this award being one of them :)).
  6. What are your thoughts on blogging anonymously?
    1. I toyed with the idea of blogging anonymously, but then I also want to be known worldwide, so I gave up that idea. 🙂 I’m currently using my first and middle name, which I also use on Facebook and LinkedIn. Everyone knows it’s me. 🙂
  7. What would you say is your strongest point (strength)?
    1. My reliability. Once I say, I’m going to do something, I must do it even to the detriment of my health. I try not to make promises I can’t keep. I hate to disappoint people.
  8. If you had a choice and no barriers, which country would you choose to live in? Mention if it’s the same country as you currently live in (if you want to).
    1. Although Barbados is not considered a country, I would move back home. Life is so simple there, and I miss the beach :). I remember going to the beach everyday after school. Now when I visit, I spend everyday enjoying the sun, sand, and clear blue water. I also miss my friends, it’s just not the same as talking to them on Facebook or WhatsApp.
  9. Music or movies?
    1. Hmmm… do I really have to choose? In that case, I choose movies. I love action movies. I guess that’s why I write so dramatically (as per a writing instructor). Kung Fu is my favorite genre!
  10. What’s your favorite eye color?
    1. I don’t think I have a favorite eye color. I never really thought about it, but if I did, I would have to say it’s hazel. 🙂 I find that color very sexy. A huge turn on! Then again, I once saw this guy who had the most arresting green eyes. I felt compelled to say, “your eyes are gorgeous!” 🙂 He was taken aback for a second, and then his eyes got even brighter when he smiled. Amazing!

Now that I’ve answered timelesswheel’s questions, which were interesting and made me think about the choices I’ve made in my writing; I have some questions for the following nominees:

Glorious Impact

hitbelowthebelt… hard

Peaceful Journey


Success Inspirer

Bold Blind Beauty

Faith and I


Ebby’s Lane

A Separate World

  1. Did you create your blog yourself, or did you get professional help?
  2. How would you describe your blogging style?
  3. What keeps you blogging?
  4. Do you believe your blog needs enhancing? If you do, what type of networking do you think is better to enhance your blog?
  5. Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?
  6. Is blogging a hobby for you or something more?
  7. How much time do you spend blogging?
  8. Do you enjoy reading? What is your favorite genre?
  9. What type of movies do you enjoy? Mystery, romance, spiritual, drama, horror, or action?
  10. What is your most proudest achievement?

Hope you accept the nomination! Looking forward to your answers. 🙂 Have a blessed day!



14 thoughts on “Nominated for Liebster Award

  1. Thank you very much for considering me for your questions. I will answer them. They give me pause to think about what I am doing and why. I have answered some questions before from another blogger who nominated me. What I like about the different nominations are the different questions each one presents. Today is my first day off in about 10 so give me a day or two and I will post.

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  2. Thanks so much Mary Pamela! I truly appreciate the blog love. Unfortunately, I do not participate in awards; however, if you ever have a quote that you love, please send it to me so I can feature you on my “Other People’s Quotes” category 😉

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