Book Review of “Double Fantasy”

Double Fantasy

I own Double Fantasy by Cheryl Holt. I don’t recall if I bought it, or it was given to me, but I wanted something to read, so I snagged this novel off my bookshelf. I read the entire novel without remembering one single detail. I think that’s good, because I was able to appreciate it more. It is a sizzling hot historical romance set in early 19th century England.

This erotic story is about twin brothers (Jamieson and Jackson Merrick) born to a highborn father (Lord Merrick) and a maid who secretly marries. When their mother dies in childbirth, however, the father panics, and gives up the twins. They are transported away from England, and forced into servitude. They were badly abused and denied their birthright.

Their sire remarries a highborn lady (Lady Castairs), and he produces another set of twins, this time a boy (Percy) and a girl (Ophelia). They are spoiled by their reprobate of a father. Into the mix of this weird family, two young girls (Sarah and Anne Castairs) become wards of Lord Merrick and his wife when their parents die. The story is very convoluted, but titillating.

The plot is about the twin boys, now men reclaiming their inheritance after their father dies, and falling in lust with the wards of their deceased father. Jamieson Merrick, the eldest son asks the younger sister Anne Castairs for her hand in marriage, and what transpires after that is for the most delicious sexual encounters.

Double Fantasy received a 5 out of 5 star rating for drama, comedy, erotica, and an original storyline. I enjoyed it so much that I borrowed another novel by the same author from my local library. A review of that book to follow next week!


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