Lobster? Oh…Liebster!

Thank you for the Liebster Award nomination. I accept and appreciate you highlighting my blog. 🙂


Thank you theutopiauniverse for thinking of me 🙂 Do check out her blog, which is filled with positivity and aims at helping her readers everyday.


‘Liebster’ – I was particularly fascinated by the name, and since I didn’t know what that meant, obviously the first thing I did was find out – ‘My love’ (translated from German). If you do know the meaning (or are German, and I got it completely wrong), please let me know 😀

theutopiauniverse‘s set of questions:

When you write your blog post, do you feel confident it will be liked or do you worry about the response.

My posts flow naturally, and so I don’t stop to feel either confidence or uncertainty. I do not expect a whole lot of likes or comments, and when there is feedback, it’s always a pleasant surprise. I am relatively new to blogging and still pretty fascinated by the…

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3 thoughts on “Lobster? Oh…Liebster!

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