Book Review of “Dark Ghost”

dark ghost

It’s been a while since I’ve read Christine Feehan’s Dark series based on the Carpathian vampire hunters. I like that Ms. Feehan’s Dark novels can be read separately. You are never lost about who these men are or how much they love their women who are the other half to themselves. Christine is excellent with suspense, putting her lead characters in dangerous situations (both emotionally and physically). They are always facing some sort of death. Her descriptions are so on point that I sometimes forget that I’m reading a novel and not watching a movie.

Christine Feehan has perfected dramatic writing, and in Dark Ghost, it was very evident with Andre Boroi’s backstory and Teagan Joanes’ opening scene between her and her guide into the Carpathian mountains. This book began with violence. The tone lets the reader know what to expect. We know that there will be lull moments, because after all it is a romance novel, but there will be underlining violence throughout.

If you want a paranormal romance that has dramatic writing, dominating sexy men, sex scenes that make you quiver, likable characters who are strong, yet sensitive, and horrific scenes that you wish you can close your mind to, then this is the book for you.

Although I enjoyed Dark Ghost, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, because Teagan Jones was getting on my last nerve. lol. Here was this gorgeous man who was trying to protect her against herself and her rash impulses, and she was arguing over his decision. I get that everyone should be able to make decisions concerning themselves, but vampires are involved. I say, yes Andre, do whatever you think is best in this situation.

I am a coward at heart, especially when my well-being is involved. I understand that it’s just a book, and we need conflict between the lead characters, but that just seemed stupid to argue about his protection when vicious vampires are involved. Teagan saw the destruction and excruciating death that were inflicted on Andre’s friends, and she still wanted to roam about the country side unescorted?

Spoiler alert: Teagan was attacked by a vampire hiding in fog. She saw his stained jagged teeth, scraggly hair, and dirty black fingernails as the fog dissipated. She also saw the vampire attack Andre by tearing out a piece of his neck and gulping his rich red blood. She stood transfixed as the same vampire punch through skin and bone searching for Andre’s heart.

Hello! Time to get off this mountain ASAP. Is it just me? 🙂


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