H.E.A.’s Posting Schedule

Dear Followers and Bloggers:

Please accept my sincere apologies, but it has been very hard to stick to the schedule that I posted on my About page. I’ve been reading A LOT! Reading some of my followers’ posts and commenting, as well as reading novels to post a book review on Friday nights, while holding down a full-time job.

As you know, I went on vacation for two weeks, so I’m behind on some projects. I guess, I’ll be working diligently over the weekend trying to complete the short story Bill and Maureen’s Adventure (I detest the title, but nothing catchy has come to mind).

If I haven’t gotten to your blog, please know that I haven’t forgotten you, and I will visit soon.

Mary Pamela

anything you say may be used in story

Disclaimer: I don’t own the copyrights to this quote.


2 thoughts on “H.E.A.’s Posting Schedule

  1. I can certainly appreciate your dilemma. I have the same one. I wanted to post a book review weekly, do the photo101 challenge, the Free Flow Friday challenge, write my own post, read the blogging community, reply with substantive comments and work. Totally psychotic with the schedule. I have since revised my time management schedule and decided that the book reviews will be once a month. Reading a book a week on top of my daily Bible reading, the blogs and anything else that peaks my interest has to be planned. If not, you lose sight of your schedule and accomplishing your goals. While I am very adaptable to change, I still want to be disciplined and accomplish the goals I set for myself. The reasonable ones, of course, lol. I have ideas coming to me and I do want to make sure that what I receive from the Holy Spirit is received and acted upon. Can’t do that when you so busy you can’t see straight. I love the one-word prompts as well. Enjoy doing them very much. As I am still in the refining stage, I have to plan my engagement with the activities available to me. More than anything, though, I want to stay plugged into my blogging community because the posts are encouraging, informative, enjoyable and really good. I feel a connection here. So, that said, I have to prioritize. I guess I could have just written that, but I am writer! Have a blessed day and know that you are well understood out here in the blogging community.

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    • Thanks for the support. Appreciate it. I thought that the schedule would force me to write everyday, and it was working for a time, but I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. May have to do like you, and cut back to posting book reviews monthly. Have a blessed day as well. 🙂

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