Shameless: Bound Hearts Book Review

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I recently read about soulmates and twin flames via an Astrology website. After learning of their definitions, I believe Lora Leigh is using those two devices to showcase the Bound Hearts series. Soulmates, apparently can be platonic friends or lovers, while twin flames are lovers who share similar traits. Twin flames are people you meet for the first time, and know that you were meant to be together for all time. Twin flames sound similar to soulmates or falling in love at first sight to me :).

A month ago, I felt I had met the perfect man to complement me. It scared me a little, because I started planning a life with this person. I met him in the blogosphere, and we had so many things in common that my heart began to swell and sing. I became a poet when I thought of us together. It was very freaky. I didn’t know what was happening, or how to stem the tide of emotions running through my body. When I learned of his location in relation to where I lived, I began to wonder how this long distance relationship will work.

I anxiously looked forward to his comments on our blogs. I was building this weird fantasy. When I started to see us married and living together I knew I had to somehow break contact. He was taking over my life, and I’m sure he had no clue :). I felt like our hearts were bounded. Were we meant to be in a relationship? It seemed so easy to talk to him. He was funny, talented, and nice. I didn’t know him personally, just his persona. Everyday I would learn a little more, and fall in love with his words on the page/computer screen.

When I began Lora Leigh’s Shameless, I didn’t see the correlation between my feelings for this guy and Courtney’s reaction to Ian. I just knew that I liked this particular novel better than all the other novels in the series. Why did this particular novel stand out more than the others? My belief is that their connection with each other and the way they related to each other, not only through sex, but knowing that you were meant to be together or bounded appealed to my romantic heart. They both enjoyed the same life style. Their sexual preferences were identical. In the other books the men liked sharing their women with other men, but the women had to be talked into participating. This was not the case with Ian and Courtney.

Let me first start by saying that the Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh are ultra HOTTT! If you are not into bondage, threesomes, dominating men, sex toys, exhibition sex, anal sex, and novellas that cost the same as full-length novels, then these are not the erotic romance stories for you. If however you have an open mind and enjoy a love story about finding your other half (twin flames or bound hearts), then you will enjoy Shameless by Lora Leigh.

Shameless is the perfect name for this novella. Courtney was willing to do and try anything to be with her other half. She had recognized that they were meant to be together, and was not afraid to let Ian know how much she wanted him. Ian on the other hand felt that he was too old for her in experience and age. The other thing holding him back was his friendship with her parents. He had been a third in her parents’ sexual encounters. How can he give into his urges to mate with this innocent young woman? How will she survive his dominating personality and sexual prowess? She was too young to understand what would be required of her, or so he thought. Courtney was shameless in her pursuit of Ian.

This story had angst, love, sex, laughter, sadness, and emotional connections between the couple and the reader. Tears fell from my eyes and my heart ached for them both, as they struggled to get pass the barriers that held Ian’s heart encased in ice due to something that happened in his past.

Shameless received 5 out of 5 stars for outstanding story and plot!


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