Ten-Day Cruise Material…


I went on a ten-day birthday cruise from March 12-22, 2016, and the material I received from some of my fellow travelers make for very funny stories. One couple actually missed the ship in Puerto Rico, and had to catch a small plane to meet the cruise in St. Thomas. Another couple told me their life story from the male’s addiction to ice cream which caused a life threatening episode from imbibing said treat…

swollen face

Photo Credit: INMAGINE

King and queen of Bingo… sigh I really wanted to win that honor of playing for free for the entire cruise! The female was dubbed King of Bingo, while the male was the Queen. It was hilarious what was required of the king and queen.


Photo Credit: Cruise Ahead

Win a free cruise! Day and night for 10 days, we heard the mantra about winning a free cruise for two on NCL. Guests were buying tons of red tickets to get the opportunity for a free cruise. Now, I’m saying to myself, it only takes one ticket to win, why do we need to purchase so many? At every event the crew were pushing those red tickets. They were great sales people, because many times I was tempted to buy more, but I had to give myself a stern talking to. “Are you nuts? You can’t afford to buy those tickets!” It would make more sense to save the money you’re going to spend on those tickets, and put it towards a down payment on a condo. I’m kidding it wasn’t that expensive, but you get my drift. 🙂

Well time to get busy writing those stories… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ten-Day Cruise Material…

    • We were scheduled to go to 4 ports: San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Tortola, but we were unable to dock at St. Maarten due to an outbreak of a stomach virus on board the ship. I became a neurotic hand washer. I ate everything with knives and forks including cookies. I refused to hold onto hand rails or touch elevator buttons. I took the stairs whenever possible.

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        • There was no need to worry about contamination in the food court. Everything was handed to us by staff members wearing gloves. The utensils and plates were hot like they were boiled. We were served every dish, every meal. This included tea, water, coffee, ice tea, ice cream, pastries, breads, cereals, milk, and lemonade. I like that they had something in place to stop contamination. I was getting antsy about children serving themselves after running around and touching things. The outbreak was a blessing in disguise.

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