Book Review of “Fighting Dirty”


Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster is my favorite novel in the MMA (mixed martial arts) series.

Question: What did I like about this novel?

Answer: Everything! I loved the plot. Someone is threatening Merissa (Rissy). Is it someone from her past or Armie’s past? Armie has a secret that makes him feel that he can’t accept Merissa’s love. He’s afraid that she would view him differently, if she ever learned his secret.

I also enjoyed reading about the other couples from previous novels in this series and other series. It was great to have Rowdy make an appearance in this novel even if he’s from another series, as well as Simon, Havoc, and Jamieson. The wives of the other MMA fighters came back as well. (I’m currently reading Vanity and Stack’s story).

Also enjoyed Merissa and Armie’s chemistry. The way they burned up the pages and the sheets every time they came together. Armie played a role as the badass in the other books, not to say he wasn’t, but we got to see his softer side in Fighting Dirty. He just couldn’t say no to “stretch,” his nickname for Merissa.

I also loved that Merissa is a tall, opiniated, fearless gal.

Question: What didn’t I like?

Answer: Spoiler Alert! I didn’t understand the reason for the scene where the women entered a porno video shop. What did that prove? How did it advance the story?

Question: Would I recommend this book?

Answer: Definitely! I gave it five stars. 5 stars


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