Perceptions: Announcement


Photo Credit: Shutterstock and Julia Austin

“OMG,” whispered Traci as she sat transfixed at her desk. Her iPad seemed to have exploded with nude pictures of herself in various lurid poses after she clicked on a link from someone with her school’s email address.

Traci wasn’t dumb to the world of virus emails, but she had been expecting this email from teachers affairs. Dr. Livingston had been talking about it all week. Excited that we were going to finally implement a new email address for all teacher related announcements. Traci had clicked on the link to see if it would open up a new dialog box, but instead it took her to a website with au naturel photos of herself. She knew those were her breasts, belly, etc. She might not recognize her pussy or ass, but who could they belong to, if all the other body parts were hers?


Photo Credit: Unity Answers

Traci had a flashback moment to an overhead spotlight obliterating the edges of a dark room. Flashes of a demonic angel, as he wielded a cat of nine tails across every inch of her body. The handle later lodged between– “Ms. Williams, Bobby ate my apple.” Traci snapped back to the present, and the kindergarten kids entering her classroom laughing and talking excitedly back from lunch. The noise level seemed dialed up suddenly, like someone had turned the volume knob all the way up. The red headed little girl in her green and white uniform stood expectantly waiting for Traci to assist. Looking down once more at the iPad in her hand. Traci depressed the close button at the bottom, but nothing happened.

“Ms. Williams,” Stacey’s bottom lip trembled as tears pooled in her big brown eyes. “Bobby ate my apple.”

This was one morning that Traci didn’t want to deal with mischievous five-year-olds. She wanted to know who sent that link, and how they gained access to these particular photos.


“I didn’t eat her apple.”

“Give it back!” Traci had meant to use her sweet cajoling voice, but she knew she had failed by the expression on her kids’ faces. Quiet descended in the room. Some of the more sensitive kids began sniffling and digging the heels of their hands into their eyes. Oh Lawd thought Traci. Here we go. Traci kept pressing the close button on her iPad, but the screen would not return to her home page. The nudes stayed taunting her with impressionable kids just a few feet away.

Beads of perspiration popped out of her brow and upper lip. Her index finger hurt under the pressure she was using. Traci could feel her armpits getting damp and making her wonder if she had remembered to put on deodorant that morning. Her fingers itched to find out.

“What’s going on in here? Control your class Ms. Williams!”

Shit. Shit. Shit. That’s all I need for this morning to officially become the worst day of my life! Traci flipped the cover lid closed, but she didn’t hear the usual sound of the screen going to black. Peeping under the cover, she saw the lighted screen and her bare skin. Dr. Livingston was staring at her iPad. He started into the room his gaze fixed on it.

With her heart beating at an alarming rate, Traci pulled open the drawer where she kept her handbag, and dropped it on top of her bag, before slamming it shut. Heart pumping and hands sweating, Traci said in a firm no-nonsense voice, “Everyone find your seats. Bobby, where’s Lisa’s apple? Come on now, give it back.”

Note to self, make sure my iPad is secured in my handbag. The kids sometimes liked to play with it at break time. Dr. Livingston took two more steps into the room before GG, the school’s secretary appeared with rustling papers. She winked at Traci then called to him. “Dr. Livingston I found the file you wanted.” He stood staring at Traci for a beat, then at her drawer before turning with a smirk, and talking in low tones to GG. His arm dropped casually over her shoulder, while his fingertips grazed her nipple.

Perv, Traci thought.



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