Book Review of “Hidden Talents” by Emma Holly

hidden talents

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“Hidden Talents” by Emma Holly, (Queen of Paranormal Romances) began with a mystery. Ari was bad news with a capital B, and she was gunning for the Eunuch. The story right away tells/shows us Ari’s goal: to punish the man who hurt one of her friends, and may or may not have done something to another friend who is currently missing. Ari is tired of looking over her shoulder, and wants to use her gift to vanquish the villain. We, as readers are along for the ride, because we want to know how this 26 year-old young woman from Kansas is going to accomplish such a feat.

In chapter two, we meet the leading man/werewolf, Adam Santini, a cop. He is a born leader who keeps the other men in line, and believes that you lead by example. Santini’s goal was to arrest Ari for using magic without a license, but it quickly changed to protect his mate at all costs. Their romance was sometimes amusing, other times explosive, and also frustrating (for me as well as the couple). Adam’s libido was way past explosive every time he was near Ari. Apparently werewolves are very potent even with birth control, and because he wanted children/pups, it was guaranteed that he would impregnate Ari. Therefore, Ms. Holly introduced something that I have not read from other authors, magical condoms :).

I like this novella because it is well-written and captivating. Also I’m big into supernatural: werewolves, telekinesis, magic, vampires, gargoyles, and of course HEA. This book came fully loaded with those aforementioned supes as well as the fae.

What I disliked about this novella, was that due to its length, the villains were vanquished too easily, or at least in my humble opinion. I also wished that Grant the Gargoyle had a much larger role. 🙂 Hopefully he will reappear in book two. Fingers crossed!

Since there are only two things I disliked, and so many more that I liked and enjoyed, I highly recommend this novella to all romance book lovers! You may also download it for free (hopefully) from Kindle. Happy reading!


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