Goldilocks Syndrome


“What’s that smell?” Traci walked around her bedroom sniffing the air. The smell was familiar, yet elusive. It was light and flowery, like a woman’s perfume. Bending down she sniffed her pillow, it smelled like Snuggle’s fabric softener. Walking over to her chester drawer, she noticed her costume jewelry gold dangling earrings were missing. Where’s it? Traci was always misplacing things. One day it took her thirty minutes to find her wallet. Good thing she lived a few blocks away from work. Traci was sure she had taken off her earrings, and placed them on the chester drawer. Still sniffing the air she walked over to the window and stared out at the children at play. She also saw Raun. Casting her eyes away as he looked up at her, Traci noticed a pink dildo in the rosebush beneath her window. It stood straight up like an erection. Oh my God! Almost choking, Traci stumbled over to her bed, her feet twisting in the heels she had worn to work that morning. Bending down she took them off before diving onto her bed in her work attire. Crawling over her duvet, pushing the pillows out of her way, she hung over the bed, and pulled on the bottom drawer of her nightstand closest to her dressing table. Yanking on the stubborn drawer, all the while cursing under her breath, Traci slid off the bed with an earth shattering thump, almost landing on her head. She absently rubbed her right elbow, and then rose up on her knees to open the drawer. Pushing the contents around, she searched for B.O.B.!

stroke bob

Was that him in the rosebush? Tracy hoped not, but it was beginning to look that way. BOB was nowhere to be found. Did he run away, or had he been kidnapped, and why? Traci was beginning to feel that someone had been in her room, and wanted her to know it. Did that person also steal her costume jewelry? Could it have been Raun? She still had a few days left to think about his proposal or move out. It has been tough to find somewhere else to live. There were a couple of reasons she was finding it difficult. None of her friends had enough storage space for all her stuff, and Traci didn’t have extra money to pay for storage. She never told anyone why she needed to leave her dream home, and she had no intention of ever telling anyone. It was too embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as someone finding BOB, and staging him outside her window. It had to be Raun, but why? How dare he invade my privacy! He’s gone too far!

Getting up off her knees and stomping towards the bedroom door Traci went to confront Raun without shoes. Walking down her carpeted corridor past the kitchen, living room, and extra bedroom that she was going to turn into a den, Traci headed for the stairs. Still in high dudgeon, Traci marched out the front door and down the steps. Crying out, she realized that she had forgotten her shoes, but that only made her pause for a moment. What made her stop was seeing Raun at the rosebush under her window. He was plucking BOB from between the rose petals, and he had a confused look on his face as he studied it for a few seconds before sliding it into the back pocket of his ass hugging jeans. Her gasp gave her away. Raun turned slowly around and stared at her for a few heart beats before his face broke into a knowing smirk. “Mine’s bigger.”

“In your dreams,” sniffed Traci and stuck her nose in the air, while her eyes moved to the front of his zipper. Do you know how difficult it is to have your nose in the air and your eyes devouring a man’s crotch? Very hard.

Raun noticed, and said, “Just say the word, and you can compare notes.”

“In your dreams,” strangled Traci. She wished she had a better comeback.

“You’re repeating yourself, honey. You wanna go inside, and let me show you the real thing?”

Did she ever! It was becoming harder to say no, and BOB, just wasn’t up to the job lately. He was the wrong color all of a sudden. Clearing her throat, Traci looked around at the children at play, parents and neighbors outside talking and laughing in the abnormally warm November weather. The occasional car forcing the children to evacuate the street. It looked like a normal day in this residential neighborhood. Everything seemed normal from the setting golden sun, to the cool wind against Traci’s suddenly sensitive nipples behind her lavender silk blouse. Her clit began to pulse, and a flood of liquid soaked her panties. Wiping her sweating palms against her black slacks. She gave Raun a slight nod of her head.

sunset through the bush

Photo Credit: A-Touch-Of Charm Photograpy

If Raun had looked away from Traci, he would have missed that little discernible nod. Walking quickly out of the postage stamp lawn. Raun had her up the stairs, and into the house in record time. “Mines or yours?” He asked harshly. His body was on fire for the little school teacher. She had teased him enough.

“Does it matter?”

“Mine’s closer,” Raun replied as he towed her past her stairs of her apartment. He dragged her down a corridor similar to hers. Traci suddenly had a vision of him as a caveman beating his chest as he flung her over his shoulder.

Suddenly finding the whole situation hilarious, Traci grabbed the back of his T-shirt and pulled him to a stop. “Slow your roll. What’s the rush?”

Looking back, Raun growled, “you might change your mind. Let me loose woman. I’m about to come in my pants, and I don’t want to waste this load.”

“You’re such a romantic. It just sends tingles through my body to hear you talk so sweetly,” replied Traci sarcastically.

Raun forced a laugh at her disgusted expression. He was willing to try anything to get this show on the road.”If you’d been primed for almost 2 weeks, you wouldn’t be able to speak coherently either.” Little did he know, Traci had been primed for almost ten years!

“Let’s get this show on the road,” replied Traci. And the next thing she knew, she was hanging upside down over one of Raun’s beefy shoulders.


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