Steep Discounts on Novels…


st marks bookshop

Photo Credit: the gothamist

St. Mark’s Bookshop has a clearance sale at 50% off. Location 136 East Third Street, New York, NY 10009. Cash only.  Read about it in the gothamist. I might mosey on down there before my favorite novels are snatched up. I searched their website, so I know they have Brenda Joyce, Brenda Jackson, Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, etc. Happy shopping and happy reading.


5 thoughts on “Steep Discounts on Novels…

        • Been in NY 20-something years… lol. I think it’s cultural. Deep inside I feel like an island girl. I do love certain aspects of NY. Grocery shopping after work. Late closings and/or weekend opening of post offices and banks, because we work during the week. Transportation 24 hours… trains and buses easily accessible. People willing to help people who are lost, etc. I have no sense of direction, always have to depend on NY’ers for assistance. 😉


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