Private Business


“You people are kiss me ass rabble rowsers! I know muh rights. Let me out. Let me outta here!” Screamed Smythe, as he pulled down his pants and wagged his dick back and forth. Smythe, a wiry middle aged black man had been picked up by the police for indecent exposure. He had stopped to take a piss against a building when some young malicious teenage boy had snapped his picture, and uploaded it to Facebook. Next thing he knew, he was arrested, and later sent to Bellevue for observation.

Rubbing his penis in a soothing gesture, he ranted “young people of today ain’t got nuh shame.  I should’ve had that little gutter snipe arrested for taking our picture without permission. Where’s de fairness in dis situation?” Smythe was looking down at his penis as he stood in a large room with other people who were talking loudly amongst themselves. Everyone seemed afraid of the chairs situated in the center of the room in a semi-circle, which faced a closed door. The room had small basement sized windows on one wall, and at an adjacent wall hung a floral curtain. That was the only slash of color in the off white room.

Smythe kept looking at the windows. He was small in stature, but he didn’t think he could escape through the windows. Plus they were too high anyway. Even if he stacked all the stackable chairs in the room, he still wouldn’t reach them. There were approximately 8 chairs in the room. Sunlight and artificial light fought for dominance. The curtain only aroused a curious glance.

A big boned Caucasian woman with jet black flowing hair, brushing her shoulders seemed to appear in the room without using the closed door. She looked in disgust at Smythe, and shouted, “Mr. Smythe, please lock up your privates.” Her name tag dubbed her Nurse Petruda.

“Lock up muh privates? I ain’t in de army. Wuh privates you talking bout? I need restitution for this embarrassment.” He shook his penis in her direction. “Up to now nobody can’t tell me wuh we doing here. What was de sin in passing water wid a little gas? Where’s de sin in dat?”

A few snickers and then full bodied laughter erupted from the other occupants in the room. Some laughed like crazed hyenas, while others laughed like machine gunfire. Nurse Petruda held up her hands for quiet. “You think this is a laughing matter Mr. Smythe? You know where you are?”

Smythe looked at the nurse in her green scrubs. The entire outfit was unflattering. It was loose where it was supposed to be fitted, and tight where it was expected to be loose. Although she looked unkempt in the uniform, she still looked delectable to him. The pants was tight on her ass and vagina, and Smythe could see the imprint of her pussy. Suddenly his penis jerked in his hands as if taking notice. He licked his lips and stared at the outline of her camel toe, while moving his hand up and down his growing length.

An older black woman came forward and fondled his cock before moving on to running her hands over every male in the room. Smythe’s eyes followed her around the room. “Mr. Smythe I’m talking to you!” Shouted Nurse Petruda. “Put you penis away now, or you’ll reap the consequences.” Smythe looked at her in puzzlement, because although she looked and sounded angry, something just didn’t ring through about her demand. Her breasts heaved rapidly, and her nostrils flared every time her eyes fell to his growing cock.

“You want it put away? Come put it away den! Dis whole situation is a bunch of gunny water. My cock can’t find a proper home cause my underwear trapped at muh thighs, and muh pants was cutting off dis young fella’s circulation. It almost made me into a eunuch. I can’t put he away until he condo is secure. You getting my meaning Nurse?”

Nurse Petruda stalked over to Smythe grabbed the back of his pants with one fist, while her other arm circled his slim waist to keep him from falling forward.

“Stop yuh behemoth-.” His words were interrupted as she shook him. Kicking his feet and flailing his arms, he looked like someone being taught to swim out of water. Nurse Petruda just kept going, as she charged towards the floral curtain. Looking up Smythe braced himself for impact, but the plastic curtain flowed over his head, and caressed down his neck and over his body, before he could escape the plastic curtain. Later, the slam of a door echoed in the small confined room, and the noise incited the other patients to start up their crazed laughter again.

Smythe tried to fight off Nurse Petruda, but she was a strong woman. She was grumbling under her breath. Smythe felt like an ant swatting a bear, as she held him down on a massage table in the center of the room. One arm held his upper body down, as the other hand pulled off his sneakers without unlacing them. “What you tink you doing, you crazy bitch? Let me up! I gun sue de hospital and de police and everybody for this uncalled treatment. It’s because I Bajan ain’t it? If I was American, you wouldn’t be treating me dis way,” Smythe cried as he wrestled to keep his clothes on. He did not know what she planned, but he did not want to be in this suffocating room with a crazed nurse. What if she ain’t a nurse. God Blind yuh! If she’s one of de patients I gun- Smythe tried sit up and pull her hair or poke her eyes out.

Breathing heavily, Nurse Petruda pulled Smythe’s underwear and jeans off his legs, and tossed them to the floor. “Help! HELP ME!” Trembling with anger and fear, Smythe filled his lungs to scream, when he felt the warmth of Nurse Petruda’s breath on his cock. Her large hands moving sensuously up his body, before wrapping around his neck. Choking on the trapped air, his body jerked upward in reflex to the warmth, and lodged his cock in the back of Nurse Petruda’s throat. A hissing sound of need escaped his throat. Her hair tickled his belly, as it moved back and forth from her up and down motions of her head.

Reaching down with both hands he plunged them into her silky hair to hold her steady as he fucked her hot wet grasping mouth. Her tongue came into play by flicking and licking from the base of his cock up to its weeping tip, before devouring him again. Nurse Petruda hummed, and pressed her fingers against his Adam’s apple, briefly interrupting his flow of air. Writhing and gasping on the table, he thanked the universe for that teenage boy and Facebook!


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