Book Review of “Shadow Game”

shadow game

Shadow Game, a Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan is a science fiction romance novel. The story began with United States military men from special branches locked in cages. They had volunteered to enhance their psychic abilities in order to help their country by infiltrating the enemy as Ghostwalkers. This book was an ambitious project in that Ms. Feehan had to make science interesting for people who may not enjoy reading about that subject. She gave us background information on parapsychology, and added mystery and suspense to hold the readers’ interest. I found myself holding my breath sometimes in anticipation of an approaching intruder or when they had to flee to escape capture.

Although, some scenes were very engaging, I have to admit that my eyes glazed over when Ms. Feehan went into detail about the brain or neuroscience. I was not interested in all the nitty-gritty behind the science of the program involving Ryland (the leading man) and his friends. I just wanted her to get to the good stuff: the erotic scenes. There was a lot of them, so don’t worry. Christine Feehan showed us the connection between Ryland and Lily (the leading lady). They were attracted to each other from the beginning, but feared that it was unnatural, although that didn’t stop them from engaging in some steamy sex scenes.

My favorite scenes involved telepathy, telekinesis, and the Ghostwalkers implanting suggestions into people’s minds to look the other way as they moved around unseen.  Of course I was also ennamoured of the places Ryland and Lily engaged in sex/made love. Also the raw forceful way they enjoyed each other was so hot that I hoped no one was reading over my shoulder, as I read on the train. I would not go as far as saying I loved Shadow Game, but it was entertaining.

I give Shadow Game 3 stars, because I sometimes skipped scenes especially when Lily went into raptures about the science behind the Ghostwalker’s project. What I liked about this novel was the introductions of Ryland’s men: Nico, Gator, Kaden, etc. This lets the reader know that we will get to meet these men later in their own story. Also there was constant references to other women who went through the same experiment as the Ghostwalkers, and the need to find them. I have a feeling that I will get to meet them soon, as they fall in love with Ryland’s men.


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