Perception: Nothing is as it seems…

Traci tried to savor her face against Raun’s fly, but the position gave her a crick in her neck, and she did not know where to place her hands.  There was simply not enough room beneath her boss’ desk. She asked, “Fi varriee ri fiving?” Which translated to “Why are we hiding?”

Raun felt the vibration of the words against his cock. In reflex, he lifted his hips and banged his head against the desk. “Move, there’s not enough room.” Pushing against Taci’s arm, Raun shoved her out. “Fuck! My leg has gone numb.” Traci hastily climbed out from under the desk. She spied her cellphone, and grabbed it at the same time Raun crawled awkwardly out. Traci’s hand collided with Raun’s eye. “Jesus!”

“You okay?” Raun fell between Traci’s legs, his head in her crotch. This was the same pussy he saw shaved and naked. What I wouldn’t do to unsnap her jeans to get an up close and personal view. Whomever invented pants for women need to be shot. On his knees with his hands holding on the the arms of the chair, he twisted his head, as he tried to smell her behind the jeans and her underwear. Another invention that should’ve never been invented.

Raun did not hear the door open, but he did hear a female voice ask, “Traci? What you doing girl?” Lifting his head from the haven that was Traci’s crotch, Raun saw a petite Caucasian lady with red hair skirting quickly around the furniture in Dr. Livingston’s office. She was dressed in the shortest black sweater dress with a plunging neckline. On her feet were brown UGG for ugly boots. Raun felt no attraction to her whatsoever. She had all the goods on display and all he still wanted was to see and feel Traci beneath him, over him, or anyway he can get her.

The woman stared at him for a beat before saying, “Get a different room sister.” His eye still hurting from the brush of Traci’s knuckles, her saw the woman mouthing and pointing to him, “who’s that?”

Traci spoke hesitantly, “Um… GG, you caught us. This is so embarrassing. Please say you won’t tell anyone?” Tell anyone what, Raun wondered. Maybe I should jump in before Traci give up the game.

“Whom am I going to tell? Why here?”

Raun turned his head and said, “adventure. We love doing it in different locations. We thought it would be adventurous to make love on her boss’ desk.” Raun felt Traci’s stomach jump at his reason for them being in the office.

“You do realize that Dr. Livingston installed cameras in this room?”

Fuck me! Cameras? Now we’ll be seen on camera sneaking into the office and running a DOS program. Can anything else go wrong? Raun wondered.

“He did?” Raun could hear the dread in Traci’s voice. The film will not show them making out, but engaging in illegal activity. Rubbing her thigh, he tried to offer comfort.

The GG continued, “Yeah, that’s why he never locks this room. It’s like he wants to catch people trespassing, or having sex in his office.” Laughing she walked over to a closet, took out a key, and opened the door. She screamed and stumbled away holding her a hand over her mouth and nose. “What’s wrong?” Pushing Raun away, Traci lurched out of the chair only to fall back with her mouth agape.

Raun turned to look inside the closet, and there stood a shrouded person leaning against the CT screens. What the hell’s going on? Traci call 911.”

Traci asked, “But who is it?”

“Does it matter?” Replied Raun

GG volunteered, “I think it’s Dr. Livingston.”

“No way,” commented Traci. “Did he lock himself inside the closet by accident?”

“Just call 911. Let the Police figure this out.” Stated Raun.

“Police?” Queried GG anxiously. “I can’t be found here.”

Raun asked, “What were you doing here?”

“None of your business. Who the hell are you? Some maintenance man fooling around with squeaky clean Traci? You don’t get to ask me any questions!”

Standing up from his kneeling position Raun stated, “Listen, you can’t leave. You’re the only one who has a key to that closet.”

Traci chimed in, “he’s right GG. The Police will want to know who opened the closet and why?”

“Well, I vote we all leave, and let somebody else find him.”

“You’re not thinking straight, GG.” What was she afraid of, why was she here? “You’re the secretary, right? My understanding is that only the two of you work in this office. Let’s look at the tape to see who killed him,” reasoned Raun.

Traci looked from Raun to the closet and back again. “Are you saying, he was murdered? That’s ridiculous! Who would want to kill ‘the Louse’?”

“Think about it? Why’s he covered? Someone had to cover him.”

“But that’s ridiculous. We don’t even know if it’s Dr. Livingston under there.”

“If it’s not Dr. Livingston, then either GG or Dr. Livingston stashed a body in the closet,” replied Raun.

“Don’t try to pin this on me. It could’ve been you. You think I bought your tale about having sex all over the place? Traci still looks like she don’t know the first thing about an orgasm.”

“Traci, we’re getting nowhere, just call the Police let them handle this mystery. Everyone’s staying for questioning, if you didn’t kill the person in there, then you have nothing to fear,” stated Raun emphatically.



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