The Second Coming…

What could it hurt? Raun wondered as he paced next to his king-sized bed that took up most of the space in his unlit bedroom. Rubbing a hand over his unshaven jaw, Raun wrestled with his moral character. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” Raun had promised his tenant to help find a stalker, so he had installed cameras in every room of her apartment (which was similar to his), as well the outside. “Fuck it!” Dropping his weight on the edge of the bed, he snatched up his laptop, and depressed the space bar. Staring pensively for a few seconds at the folder labeled “Traci’s Surveillance,” he double clicked on it. Running a hand through his hair and licking his lips, his finger trembled over “bedroom.”

“What are you doing, Raun? She might need assistance. From what? From you? Goddamn it to hell! She’s got me so on edge, I’m talking to myself. Okay, just a peek to see that everything is okay, and then I can go to sleep.” Yeah right, like that’s going to happen anytime soon. Telling himself that he was only checking up on her was an outright lie. Maybe, he could catch her getting ready for bed, or simply watch her sleep. He’ll do a quick surveillance of the entire house and sweep outside their residence. Yes, I’m only looking out for her best interest. Until we find the fucker threatening her, I have to make sure Traci’s safe. Sounds more plausible than spying on her. Smiling, he double clicked camera, and almost swallowed his tongue.

“Hastag OMFG!” Traci was mooning the camera on her hands and knees. Her naked ass faced the camera’s infrared eye. As Raun watched, one hand lifted and sensuously rubbed back and forth over her breasts. He wished for a better angle to actually see her breasts. Raun hoped that she never found out that he went against her wishes and installed cameras in both her bedroom and the bathroom. Biting his lower lip, he groaned, as her arm move down her torso. Her back arched inward, and displayed a shaved pussy between her thighs. Part those lips, baby. Show it to me. Yes, part those lips. He wished she had turned on the lights, but gray and black was better than nothing. Her fingers covered her mound for a moment as they pressed in before spearing one finger inside up to the first knuckle, and then pressing all the way. Raun realized he needed sound on this erotic show. Traci’s whole body shook with minute tremors. If he was not watching so intently, he would have missed the shiver.

No way can he move on now. Raun had to watch this exhibition to its ultimate conclusion. Wiping a fine mist of sweat from his brow, he moved on to touch her pubes on the screen leaving a wet residue behind. He wanted to taste, suck, and fuck that sweet pussy. His hips bucked, and his cock jumped as he imagined sliding between those lips. God! Fuck! What would she do if I used my key and entered her apartment. Probably call the cops on me, again. Raun laughed and sobbed at the thought. Prim and proper is kinky. He needed to up the ante. What could he do to get her in that position in front of him? She seemed to be mesmerized by his pecks and abs. He could still recall her response to his eating that ice cream cone. “Yes, more of that,” Raun whispered the promise.

Heart racing. Pulse pounding in his dick. Before he knew it, the laptop was resting against the pillows at the head of his bed, and he had dropped his boxing shorts on the carpet. Climbing up on all fours, he stalked the screen. His eyes glued to Traci’s beautiful lines. She was slim, but the attributes that dubbed her African American were a handful. His fingers itched to grab hold of her heart shaped ass and ride it hard and fast. His tongue hungered to devour her bountiful breast and her weeping fat cat. Sitting back on his hunches, he fisted his cock, and watched Traci insert another finger into her pussy. Her movements increased. His chest hurt from the feelings passing from his cock to his balls. Squeezing tighter to stop the explosion he could feel about ready to erupt, Raun tried to hold off. He wanted to come when Traci came. Please baby, come. Come now.

It was as if Traci heard Raun’s plea. She removed her fingers from her pussy, then used both hands to lie on her side before turning onto her back. Legs opened wide, heels on the bed, she brought her nipples up to her lips and tongued them. Her right hand coasted over her stomach before reaching her pussy. She tapped her clit before reaching down and dragging moisture up to her clit. Then her fingers were flying as she rubbed her clit and writhe her body on the bed. Raun watched the emotions of wonder and release as she exploded. He rubbed faster and faster. Squeezed and pulled on his cock, until he was shooting everything he had inside of him onto the screen. Bathing it and her in his cum. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME!” Raun’s body kept jerking as if he would never stop coming. He wiped the screen in time to see her bring her fingers up to her lips and licked them clean. A few more squirts of cum hit the keyboards. Spent he fell forward on his hands and knees trembling and laughing. Thinking he was too old for this shit. Jerking off to a Goddamn computer screen!


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