What is my purpose?


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One of my favorite movies is The Island, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. At first viewing, it had connotations about the Bible and the creation of man. My second viewing showed me man’s inquisitiveness and his evolution through learning. We are always learning. Even when we think we are not.

The movie is about a group of humans living together after the rapture. Men and women live separately, but come together for recreation and meals. They are not allowed to form friendships or relationships. They are told what to eat, what to wear, what type of exercises they should do, and what jobs they’re most suitable to perform.

At a glance it seems like the ideal society, until you realize that there are no choices. What if you wanted to wear a different color as Ewan McGregor’s character, Lincoln Six pointed out? He hated white. The walls were white, their entire wardrobe was white, even his food had become white, as he was on a bland diet. Their vital signs were monitored daily, and their diets were adjusted accordingly.

One day he was called in to see Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean), who doubles as a psychiatrist and a medical doctor. Lincoln Six was experiencing nightmares. Dr. Merrick tried to get a handle on why he was experiencing nightmares, when Lincoln Six exploded by saying he wanted more. “More of what?” Dr. Merrick asked.

“I don’t know. More than what I’m doing. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where do the tubes go? Why must we always wear white? Do you know how hard it is to clean white? And another thing, who cleans our clothes? I put them to wash and the next day they’re in my closet!” He had lots of questions, but no answers.

I had similar questions, and thus began my journey to find answers. What was my purpose? Was it to simply exist? Go to work. Go home. Eat, sleep, wake up, watch TV, read books, etc. Was that my reality? Was there more to this life, was there more that I should be doing? Why am I here? Joel Osteen believes that we were given talents, and if we don’t use them they will be taken away. I sometimes wonder if I’m really meant to be a writer, because I find that a chore, especially when I can see the scenes in my mind’s eye, but am unable to find the words to describe them.

I am constantly offered opportunities in writing or publishing, but I say, I’m not ready. I don’t know if it’s fear of being great, or failing, but this year I have decided to finish Perceptions. I have said it before, but I have not put it down in black and white. When I write down my wants or say them out loud, they usually come to pass. They may not happen right away, but they do happen. So today, I am writing my wish, sending it out to the universe, to help me stay on course and complete my novel.

I vow that I will move forward, ideas will flow from my mind to my fingers. After the novel is completed, these are the steps I plan take to publish Perceptions:

  • Submit to an Editor (I already have one in mind)
  • Contact a book designer (made contact with one on LinkedIn)
  • Submit to Goodreads for readers
  • Peruse Authors Publish magazine for Erotic Publishers

No more sitting on my hands. It is time to act!


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