Still Waters…

I never fully understood the term, “still waters run deep” until I started writing this erotic blog. On the outside I’m the girl who goes unnoticed when she first enters a crowded room, although as my supervisor likes to say, “I have legs that start at my armpits.” Meaning, I’m a tall gal.

When I introduce myself as an erotic writer, the response I usually receive is “Really?” It is said in a tone that always makes me wish that my mom had given me a different Christian name. Mary (shudder) is writing about sex! Well, I don’t see why not, isn’t it because of sex that we are all on this planet? I don’t find the act or the way we feel when we make love dirty. I want to write about erotica, because when you’ve met the right person who can touch you, and make you explode with a release that saps your strength, and leaves you deaf, blind, and hoarse, you know you’ve experienced the most sublime pleasure EVER!

I also believe in soulmates. Someone who knows the real you, not the you, that you present to society; but the you who is buried deep beneath that placid surface.


3 thoughts on “Still Waters…

  1. Hi Mary…
    Still waters run deep hey lol…. are you now used to to the looks people give you when you say you write erotica yet or you do not randomly tell people…… and you can tell when a person says Really what they are thinking is “So you write about sex hmmm does that mean you always got like sex on my your mind?”
    Do people realise if nobody had sex, we would not exist hahaha.
    anyway was sleepless so was stalking your blog lol


    P.S. you really ought to add a contact page

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    • Hahaha… some people now say, “what’s the name of your blog?” Others keep mum and look away. Where do you live? I’m still learning how about WordPress and all they offer. I recently added new categories. I was so excited you would’ve thought I made an app! Lol

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      • Hahahahahaha I can imagine, the people keeping mum and looking away
        No matter how long you are on WordPress, I dont think you can ever fully learn all it has it offer, unless you actually do a course on WordPress ha! I am always learning new things like what?? you can do that!!!
        Only recently got the WordPress App on my phone!

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