Subordinate Clause…

Traci stared at Raun in disbelief unable to comprehend his words. “So you see,” Raun said, “this arrangement will never work as my job is very specialized.” Specialized my ass, thought Traci gazing around the office at one clay red wall filled with framed photographs of nude or scantily clad women sitting nasty on bar stools or draped across his desk.  Ew! Did he use Lysol? She scooted back in the brown leather armchair facing the same desk in Raun’s at home office.

Just the thought of some strange woman’s pussy rubbing on the surface made her nauseous.  Then she had another thought, did someone pose naked in this chair?  “I can’t have the cops coming around every time someone’s imagination revs up,” he continued.  Will I ever live this down?  Okay I made a mistake, but those noises really sounded like someone was being chained up and tortured. Does he have to bring it up every five minutes? Okay, it only seems like every five minutes.  Traci tried to follow Raun’s lecture, but just being in a room dominated by naked women, some adorned in chains made her hyperventilate.

Raun and Traci were in his at home office, which had originally been his parent’s den.  The only things in the room that looked the same from her first visit were the heavy mahogany furniture: desk, bookcase, and entertainment center.  Books and tomes were neatly stacked inside the bookcase, while loose white papers with black writing and diagrams were strewn across the desk. A flat screen TV, DVD player, Xbox system, game controls, and DVDs overflowed the entertainment center.

Raun sat behind his desk with his hands interlaced behind his head, his elbows sticking out, and his bare feet crossed at the ankles on top of his appointment book, diagonal from two computer monitors, and a modem.  His feet were narrow and long.  Dang, even his feet are sexy.  As if he felt Traci’s gaze, he wiggled his toes, as if beckoning her to nibble on them.  Traci could barely see over or behind them in the dimly lit room.  Although she knew the sun was setting, she could not actually see it through the closed blue venetian blinds.  She shifted her body every few seconds, as her right leg refused to rest still on the wooden floor.  Her breath caught when he looked around his feet, and locked his warm chocolate gaze to her lips.

Eyes darting from his relaxed posture to the door, Traci felt like a cornered fowl.  “Traci?  May I call you Traci?”  No definitely not!  Traci gaped at the sensual sound of her name rumbling from his throat.  Shivering, Traci croaked, “That’s fine.”  How’s he able to do this to me?  Rubbing her sweaty hands on her red pleated skirt, Traci thought, Why him?  Just looking at him makes more than my palms wet.  Clearing her throat before continuing, Traci insisted, “My lease is between me and your father.”

“As I said, my father deeded the house over to me, and now what was his, is now mines.”

Leaning forward in her seat, Traci’s nose twitched from the scent of baby powder or baby oil emanating from his dark chocolate feet.  She wondered if he was that same smooth chocolate brown complexion all over.  Stop it!  What do you care?  You’ll never see him nude.  OMG!  I wish I could.  No you don’t.  Clearing her throat again, Traci challenged Raun by stating softly, “You don’t own me.”  She trembled at the thought of being owned by him.  His unblinking and knowing stare helped to get her ire up again.  Leaning forward in her seat, forgetting about the nude women who graced his desk, she spat out “Mr. Hartman,” she refused to call him by his Christian name.  “I just moved here, and I don’t have money to move again.”

“I’m willing to give you back your deposit,” he slowly intoned.

Asshole. Traci was trying to hold on to her explosive temper, but she could feel she was seconds away from punching him in the crotch. Why his crotch? Dang it, that man have me thinking lecherous thoughts.

“How’s that going to help me?  Will you give me back the money I paid the moving company as well?  Moving costs money,” shouted Traci!  Her breasts heaving before she realized where Raun’s gaze had landed.   Her breasts felt heavy, and her nipples grew tight behind her bra and white silk blouse.  There was nothing she could do to stop the response, except ignore it.

Daring him to say anything, she turned sideways in her chair and crossed her caramel colored legs under her pleated skirt.  Smiling, Raun dragged his feet along with some papers and his appointment book off the desk.  Leaving everything where they fell, he pulled his chair into the desk’s cradle.  “Look, I’m sorry, but the only way you can stay, is with a Subordinate Clause.”

Did he just use a grammar term?  “Did you say a Subordinate Clause?”


“Are you sure that’s the word you’re look…”

“A Subordinate Clause,” he began, as if speaking to an illiterate, “to put it simply, a Subordinate Clause is used primarily between a tenant and landlord.  This is an addendum to the original lease.”

Traci looked at him skeptically, “Really?  What is this addendum?” Facing him once again with her arms folded beneath her breasts, Traci leaned her body forward.

“This clause is to allow for a better relationship between tenant and landlord.”

Stop pussy footing and spit it out!  “How so?” Asked Traci.

“You must do whatever I say without question,” replied Raun.

“Really?  You must take me for a blasted fool!  Do you know what I do for a living?  I’m a teacher, and no way, no how is that the definition of subordinate clause, so rewind and come again,” replied Traci angrily.

“As you said, you’re a teacher, not a lawyer.  That term is used in lots of contracts,” Raun replied seriously.

“What so we talking bout? What in specific you want… Give an example of this whatever I say ting?” Traci’s Barbadian accent was becoming more pronounced.  Raun was staring at her like she was another person.  “Well?”

“If you hear noises coming from my apartment, you are not to call the cops, unless I tell you to.”

“Done!”  Not even if you tell me to, will I ever lift a rasshole finger to help you. “What else?”

“I want you.”

“Excuse me?”

“I like your body, and I want you to pose for me.”

“Hahahaha… You’s a real insulting jackass!  Boy, you ain’t know how much I wish I could pack up and go.  But I just move here two weeks ago, and I don’t own a car far less a truck.”

“Is that a yes, or a no?”

“It’s a bloody capital N and capital O.  NO!  I don’t know who you tink you dealing with, but no one is going to do that to me again!”  Traci could not catch her breath she was so angry, and hurt that she had actually had strong sexual feelings for this Neanderthal.  This sexist Neanderthal!  Pushing out of the chair, tears threatening to fall, she headed for the door, and that was when she saw the Computer Science diplomas and teaching certificates on the other wall.  She had not noticed them before, but now that she did, she felt like tearing them off the wall, and smashing them into fragments.  He did not deserve to be a teacher sculpting young minds.

“What did you mean not again,” he spoke quietly, but she heard him over the roaring in her ears and the all-consuming fear that had her unable to find the door.  Heart pounding, she tried to calm her racing heart.  She stalled looking back as she reigned in her hurt and anger.  One last deep breath and she turned with clenched teeth and spat out, “I will find somewhere else to live.  Can I have at least one day to make arrangements, please?”  The word please almost strangled her as it escaped her throat.


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