Cover Copy

I am being consumed by this never ending and evolving novel. I’ve revised the cover copy again for the third time…

Perceptions’ Cover Copy:
Strange sounds coming from her landlord’s apartment puts Traci Williams into panic mode. Newly on her own, her overactive imagination produced a maniac killer chaining up the elderly couple, or maybe it’s a ghost forced to repent his sins by dragging the clanging metal for all eternity. Traci would have never guessed who or what were making those disturbing noises late at night, but now she knows, what can or will she do about it?

At his parents’ urging, Raun Hartman takes over the maintenance and upkeep of their home, while they cruise the globe. After a messy breakup with his fiancé, Raun wants nothing to do with women, but when his parents’ tenant Traci becomes embroiled in something sinister, he has no choice but to assist. After all, who wouldn’t help a beautiful damsel in distress?

It is every man’s dream to be a hero…


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