Perceptions: Mirror Mirror (Part One)

It was time for my characters to get out of the house. So I went on a field trip, so that I could visualize the place and see where and how I can put them into compromising or dangerous situations.

Traci gingerly felt her way through the mirror maze. Up ahead she sees a shadowy figure, then laughs as she realized it was her reflection. Raun embraced Traci’s back to his front. She felt his arousal pressing into her butt.  The tunnel of love was painted red on the outside and black inside the maze. Facing a mirror, their hungry gaze explored every facet of each other’s features. Raun’s hands slowly moved up the outside of Traci’s arms up to her shoulders. Slowly caressing, lightly massaging. Her head fell back, a sound of pleasure escaped her parted lips. As images of Linda Lovelace performing in Deep Throat in the previous exhibit juxtaposed with Traci’s face swallowing Raun’s thick long sword. “Penny for your thoughts?” Rumbled Raun. Blushing beneath the artificial light in the small boxed area, Traci folded her lips in, as if she could taste his essence on her tongue.

“You don’t have to pay me. All that I am, all that I have is yours,” she replied. Raun’s hands slid down her shoulders and cupped her breasts, and their eyes met in the mirror. “I want you here,” he whispered.

Traci’s voice broke, “here?”

“Yeah, here. I want to do you in front of this mirror.”

“But people may see or hear us,” Traci felt a delicious shiver travel through her body, before pulsing at the juncture between her legs. They both sighed and groaned as they relished the thought of performing in front of others. Traci was still on a high from her experience at the #GetItOn sex club last week.  Raun squeezed her breasts before searching for her aching nipples behind the clingy halter dress.  Finding and then tugging on them, they pebbled at the rough treatment. Biting her ear lobe, before tracing the outer shell of her ear, Raun whispered, “Please.”

Fire coursed through her as Traci peered around the maze making sure that they were alone.  All she saw were their reflections in the mirror ahead, and to the right of them.  Her flirty red mini halter dress showed off her long mocha thighs, shoulders, and arms.  While her high heeled open toe white sandals displayed her well-formed calves and ankles. Although she heard the voices of a man and woman talking and laughing, as they played an arcade game, no one was visible in her line of sight.  Adrenalin pumping, Traci turned in Raun’s arms dislodging his fingers from her puckered nipples. She missed the sensation, but felt that both of them would enjoy what she was about to perform more.  Shimmying down slowly, she knelt before him.  Looking up from her supplicate position, she licked her lips and reached for his belt.  The black rubber mat was a balm under her knees.  Their breathing accelerated, as they both anxiously waited for Traci to release his cock.


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