I have been doing a lot of research on sex clubs and venues in NYC to ensure that my novel is a little authentic. My first outing was to the Museum of Sex also known as MoSex. I didn’t know what to expect, as I didn’t want to be influenced negatively or positively by reading any reviews.  I dragged along a friend.


The museum located on 233 5th Avenue @ 28th Street looked like a cosmetic store from the outside, but once you stepped inside, you knew you were in a classy sex shop (not that I’ve been in many sex shops). The two I’ve visited when I was looking for a prank gift for a bride-to-be was kind of tacky looking and dark. This place was bright and the merchandise: calendars, cups, refrigerator magnets, massage oils, lipstick, lip gloss, books, etc. were tastefully displayed.  After we were there for five minutes the the small room got very crowded.

Price of admission to Funland on the upper floors was $17.50 plus tax.  You can meander around the ground floor for free. One sign arrested my interest, and the writer in me came up with scenarios involving, “Please Do Not Touch, Lick, Stroke, or Mount the Exhibits.” Can you imagine someone sauntering up to a dildo, and then proceeding to perform fellatio, while staring defiantly at the staff?

Funland was not what I was expecting either. The name “fun land” made me think of rides at an amusement park. Then I wondered what type of “fun” could there be in the Museum of Sex. Apparently not the type of fun an erotica writer thinks up, hence “Mirror, Mirror (part one).” Arrows led the way up a narrow wooden staircase. At the first opened door, you were met with moans and grunts. The origin of pornography and its evolution were depicted with colorful photographs and Linda Lovelace, the Queen of Porn performing fellatio from the film Deep Throat on a large screen that took up an entire wall. The actress’ head bobbed up and down on a man’s erect cock. There were photographs of Lovelace’s life in film and her biography. At a climatic scene, the moans became louder, and visitors stood transfixed, as gobs of cum shot out of an exploding penis.

We moved onto the Hall of Mirrors. There was nothing sexual or perverted about this mirror exhibit. Mirrors are placed strategically in the form of a maze, which led you out at the Boob Room. It was a little fun, if you were with your beau. You could press against the glass, grab a quick cuddle or kiss in the darkened corners of the maze, but soon someone would find you.

Boob room

Please remove your shoes before entering the BooB Room. It was a bouncy castle. What sexual encounter can your characters’ perform, while being watched by a security guard? Also there was a time limit, as others needed their time in the bouncy castle. I felt like a kid, it was not romantic at all. Guys love it! Go figure… 🙂

Next stop…

inspector gadget



The Genital Wall (my term, as I can’t remember the name for this “fun” activity). It wasn’t planned, but somehow I became Inspector Gadget. “Go, go erection wall!”



The best exhibit at MoSex was the animal section. Animals are just as wacky as us humans. Television monitors showed the animals engaging in threesomes (ménage a trois, anyone?). Some animals went outside their species or had same sex encounters. The apes were human-like in their mannerisms, sexual appetites, and facial expressions of ecstasy.

king of the apes


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