Perceptions: The Rinse Cycle

I’m trying to write from a man’s POV, but it’s difficult when you’re not a man. Need some feedback. Did I do alright?

Raun leaned casually against the door jamb that led into his parents’ small laundry room watching Traci take her clothes out the dryer, while gyrating her hips to the calypso beat emitting from her iTouch.  The room was only big enough for a washing machine, dyer, two shelves for laundry supplies, and a small white table to fold clothes; his mom’s idea.  Wearing pink biker shorts and a form fitting white T-shirt, Traci was bent at the waist; her generous butt swaying from left to right.  His penis jerked at the sight of that winding bum, and at the pussy peeking from between her thighs.  She had a fat cat and long sexy legs.  Just the thought of plunging his cock into that wet warmth made him lengthen.  He could still taste and feel her on his tongue and smell the fragrant vanilla cream of her pussy.  He ached to lick, nibble and stab through her narrow passage again.  Her front was just as enticing as her back; firm high light mocha breasts that overflowed his big hands with big dark brown nipples that filled his mouth.

Raun’s libido was in overdrive.  He needed to be in her NOW!  Trembling and on fire he wondered if she was sore.  He worked her hard last night.  He couldn’t get enough.  Oh God.  He had never been this ravenous for a woman, not even with Delores, and they had been engaged for six months, and knew each other three years before that.  Maybe that was one of the reasons he dragged his feet.  Dolores. He still couldn’t believe that their relationship was over, not because he still wanted her, but because he had wanted a life like his parents, the wife, the house, and a child.  Truth be told, he was somewhat relived more than upset when he had learned of Delores’ perfidy.

Since meeting Traci, he now wondered what he really saw in Delores. Shit.  He need to stop comparing Delores and Traci, because there was no comparison.  His balls drew up tight every time he saw Traci.  Even watching her do this menial task had his cock throbbing and twitching inside his boxers.  He had decided to forgo pants before seeking out Traci, because he hoped to soon be sinking balls deep into her.  It wasn’t all about the sex, although it had been off the charts. He liked talking with her, holding her, laughing with her, and being with her. Tired of waiting he decided to make his move.

He needed her now! Taking a step into the room, he butted his cock against her pussy from behind almost pushing her head first into the dryer.  Scowling over her shoulder, Traci gazed into Raun’s eyes and saw his desire for her.  She sensuously straightened, winding her ass on his cock, a red basket filled with clothes pressed to her chest.  “Bump and wind in de Congaline” blared from the device.  Raun held Traci in place by her hips one hand sliding outside her thigh before sliding between to lift it up.  He needed inside. Traci stumbled pitching forward with the basket in her arms.  He felt like ripping it from her arms and throwing it away.  She seemed to be fighting him, but he was insistent.

“Raun, what you doing?” Traci cried out in her Barbadian accent, off balance, but still clutching the basket.

“I need you. Let’s go upstairs,” he crooned, as he worked his hips back and forth against her butt.

“Just let me finish this and then…”

“No. Now. I’m in pain here!”  He groaned fitting his cock in the crack of her ass.  He nuzzled her neck, flicking his tongue into her right ear.  His restless hands tried to work themselves between the clothes basket and her breasts.  Putting the basket down on top of the dryer, Traci turned in Raun’s tight embrace.

“You want to do it here?” She asked in awe and anticipation.

“There’s not enough room.”

“De table?”

“Not sturdy enough for all I want to do. Upstairs!” Raun demanded.

“Here.  Lets do it here.  I always wanted… wanted to do it on a washing machine,” Traci shyly replied against his chest.  Trembling uncontrollably, Raun dragged her over to the washing machine.  Lifting her up, and stepping between her thighs.  Kissing her ravenously.  Eating at her lips, while tearing at her tight T-shirt.  He couldn’t tear it from her like he wanted to. Stepping back, he pulled the shirt pass her ribcage, and then over her glorious breasts.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.  He left the shirt scrunched up under her arms, and then began feasting on one perfect and tasty orb.  Traci’s head fell back on her neck. Her legs locked around Raun’s torso, pulling him into the V of her thighs.  She rubbed her hot dripping pussy above his boxers.

“I’m not going to last,” growled Raun.  “You’re wearing too many clothes.”  Reaching for her T-shirt again, he pulled and tugged it hurriedly up her arms and over her head.  Staring at both breasts for a beat, he grabbed them in both hands and motorboat them.  Traci was clawing at his back, and squeezing him tighter between her thighs.

“Kiss me,” she whispered, reaching for his face. “Kiss me. I need your tongue. In. Me.” Raun didn’t know where Traci wanted his tongue, but he wanted it between her legs. Pulling her hands away from his head, he took a step away from her, pulled down his boxers, and stepped out of them.  His black dick stood a good 8 inches out from his body twitching slightly.  Licking her lips, she jumped off the machine. Wiggling as she dragged her biking shorts over her hips and ample behind.  Raun ached to turn her around and nibble on that taunt ass before spanking it.  Unconsciously his hands grabbed his dick and rubbed up and down, his ass flexing as he watched her lower the shorts and black lace thong over her butt.  Raising one leg and then the other, she stepped out of her garments, before standing naked before his ravenous gaze.

Traci reached back with her arms and pulled herself back on top of the washing machine, while watching him masturbate. The machine vibrated beneath her ass, sending shock waves through her cunt.  Leaning back on her elbows, she lifts her legs, bends them at a ninety degree angle before slowly opening them.  Raun’s hand moved faster as he stared between those raised legs. Cream frothed over bared lips. Taking a giant step towards the machine, Raun pulled her closer to the edge.  He fitted his penis at the mouth of her sex, and slowly entered. They both gasped at the sweet pleasure that tingled down their spines.  Traci wrapped her legs around him like a padlock, as they gazed into each other’s eyes.  The music changed to another calypso beat, but Raun couldn’t tell anyone what was playing if his life depended on it.  All he could sense was the taste, smell, feel, sound, and sight of her.  She filled his entire being.  The smell of vanilla and sex permeated the small room. Leaning forward, he bit her big nipple before laving it with his tongue to soothe the sting.  Her nipple felt smooth and bumpy as it tightened on his tongue.  Her quicken breaths and cries for more echoed around the room. Lifting his head from her breast he zeroed in on her parted lips and watched her lick her lips as if she thirst for something cold to drink.  “Raun, I need your tongue.” Groaning, Raun flicked his tongue over her lips, traveling the same route her tongue had.  Her hands came up to hold his head steady.  Their tongues dueled with each other, while Raun tried to go deeper and faster.  Hands beside Traci’s hips on the machine, Raun pounded into her, as the machine bucked beneath them. Suddenly, Traci elbows gave way and she tilted her pelvis, clamping down on his penis. Warm liquid filled her passage. She screamed his name, as she came with her eyes tightly closed, and her legs pulling him off balance.

Unhooking her legs from around his hips, he lifts them over his shoulder, while holding her butt in his hands, moving faster and faster seeking nirvana.  His neck muscles strained as he clenched his jaw in a release that was bubbling to the fore.  “I’m comingggg,” he cried.  His hips moved like a piston; pulling and pushing in and out of heaven’s own sweet kiss.  Wet sounds of his dick entering and exiting, as well as their bodies slapping together and the fast calypso beat pushed the release out of his mouth in a near shout to rival the cacophony of noise surrounding them. Sagging against Traci, his legs trembling like quivering jell-o.  He pushed her legs down to fall lax against the machine on either side of him, and then moved over her, his head lying on her breast, while his harsh breath rush against her nipple. Raun felt a spasm and a clench of her inner muscles, but was too tired and depleted, for now, to do more than smile, and wish that they had gone upstairs like he had wanted, so that he didn’t have to pull out from her.


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