Perception’s Outline

I have been wrestling with my Perceptions novel. Every time I think I have it down, something comes up to upset the balance of my characters’ world, and thereby changing the story. Yes, I have an outline, but sometimes it needs a little tweaking.

Creative Writing Now <> sent me a worksheet via email, which asks, “100 Questions to Improve Your Characters.” The more questions I answered, the more my story changed. I think it is better, and very intriguing. The main characters are becoming real to me, but I still need to flush out the secondary characters’ personalities, and find out what the heck they are doing in the story, and what they need.

Perception’s Cover Copy – revised: 

Strange sounds coming from her landlord’s apartment puts Traci Williams into panic mode.  As a creative writing teacher, her overactive imagination produced a maniac killer chaining up the elderly couple in their apartment below, or maybe it’s a ghost forced to repent his sins by dragging the clanging metal for all eternity.  Traci’s imagination could not compete with who or what was making those disturbing noises, but now she knows, what can or will she do about it?

At his parents urging, Raun Hartman takes over the maintenance and upkeep of their home, while they cruised the globe.  Getting rid of a judgmental nosy tenant has been his goal, but when Traci becomes embroiled in something sinister, he puts his feelings aside to assist.  Now Traci and Raun are seeing more than they expected to see of each other. Pun intended.


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