Perceptions – The Email Bomb

Every scene must have an objective that links to the overall objective of your novel (James Scott Bell).

Delete an email from Dr. Livingston before anyone sees it.

Class is about to start
Children chatter outside the classroom door and in the hallway, as they head toward their classes
The delete button is stuck, as if someone glued it to the keyboard; it does not depress.
A nude picture of Traci strapped face down on Ian’s dining room table automatically downloads to her computer like a virus
The classroom door seems to open in slow motion as Traci frantically pushes the delete button numerous times.
First graders enter the room talking at the top of their voices, followed by the school secretary GG.
GG notices Traci’s horrified and frightened visage; she moves at a fast clip dodging children in her haste to reach Traci.
Traci closes the email, but the picture appears on the computer’s background in tile format.
Traci fumbles for the screen button.

As GG rounds the desk, the screen goes blank.
Traci’s shaking hand wipes her sweaty brow.
She gives a forced smile to GG
The bell rings
Silence reigns
GG looks at Traci puzzled by her actions of subterfuge
GG wonders what just happened, and what is Traci hiding.
Heart still racing Traci wonders where did Dr. Livingston find that photo and did he have more.
What should she do? Should she involve her best friend GG or her new friend Raun?

End of scene…


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