Perceptions’ Cover Copy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewritten my cover copy for Perceptions, but I think I have it at a point where I can finally ask for assistance. Here goes:

Traci Williams has not been in a relationship since her affair with a college Professor ended in a brutal attack ten years ago. She has finally decided to move on with her life after meeting her hunky neighbor, Raun Hartman. When she begins dating, however, threatening pictures from her past begin to resurface.

After resigning his commission, ex-combat correspondent, Raun Hartman has returned to his Brooklyn childhood home guilt stricken over the murder-suicide of two close friends. He wished that he could have done more to avert the tragedy; so when his attractive neighbor asks for his assistance in finding the culprit terrorizing her, he sees this as a way to redeem himself. However, unraveling the mystery could shatter Traci’s trust issues forever.

What do you think? Would you read this novel? 🙂 I welcome your feedback. Thanks.


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