Perceptions – A Fool’s Errand (revised)

I know he’s out there watching me. Traci quickened her pace until she was almost running through the dark streets of her tree-lined neighborhood. Her hands fisted in the strap of her handbag over her shoulder. She was screaming inside. Her heart beating at a furious pace; her labored breaths forced through tightening lungs. Footsteps behind her picked up their pace. Traci was afraid to look. Lights were on in and outside the houses, but their lights did not spill out into the streets. Street lights illuminated a patch of sidewalk before plunging it into darkness every ten paces under the large trees. She stepped on an uneven sidewalk and stumbled forward. Harsh breaths rasped through her nose and opened mouth. Perspiration dotted her upper lip and forehead.

Lord, please help me, she prayed, but she knew God had forsaken her. First there was the attack by her boyfriend Ian Walker in college, and now eight years later the elementary school Principal Dr. Richard Livingston is sexually harassing her. Someone has been leaving gifts on her door step. Gifts? Pshaw! Raun believed it was a stalker, but I know it’s not. Maybe it’s time I told Raun everything. It has been two weeks since that incident. Everyone keeps calling it the incident.

What have I done in my past life that I must be punished in this one? I’m tired of this bullshit! Maybe I should’ve called Raun to pick me up from the train station. Why didn’t I contact him like he asked? It’s been two weeks since the box of dried black roses. Who is following me and why? God, I promise that if you help me this time, I will join a convent, and devote myself to good works. Who am I kidding? Okay seriously God, if you help me this one time…

Traci was only one house away when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. The smell of a familiar fragrance wafted on a light breeze, but in her panic, Traci could not place the scent. She felt everything inside her freeze before she began kicking and screaming. Her eyes tightly closed. A hand covered her mouth holding back the muffled screams. Swinging her hands widely, her palms connected with hard flesh. She forgot her self-defense training.

Someone tried to enfold Traci into their arms. A grunt exploded at a well-placed kick by her pointy boot. “It’s me honey,” the familiar voice whispered urgently. Raun? His calming voice finally intruded over her blind panic. Traci collapsed. She folded like a rag doll in Raun’s arms.

“Raun?” Her head slowly lifted, her arms followed, and then she was hugging him with all her meager strength. “Raun, you scared the shit out of me! I thought that someone was following me.” With her heart still beating at an alarming rate, Traci looked over her shoulder, trying to see around the hulking houses. Although she felt safer in Raun’s arms, she still had an ominous feeling that someone was out there watching and waiting. She shivered, before melting into his embrace. Her nose twitched as she recognized his scent mixed in with a cologne from her past. She jerked away in fear as the smell brought back unpleasant memories. “What are you wearing?” She tried to push out of the embrace. She needed to get away from that smell. The memories made her nauseous. She forced them away by pushing harder against Raun’s chest.

“What’s wrong? I stepped into the 99 cent store for a quick second, and by the time I came out, I saw you walking towards home.” She stopped fighting. He said home. Does it mean he thinks of my house as home, or is it just an expression? “What are you wearing?”

Raun gently pushed her away, a puzzled look on his face.

“I don’t like it.”

“I thought you were going to call me, so I could pick you up from the Express bus stop?”

“Raun did you hear what I said? I don’t like that cologne.”

“Are we really going to talk about my cologne, or about why you didn’t call me to pick you up from the bus stop?” Traci looked away from his penetrating gaze, and saw her handbag on the ground. She bent to pick it up, but Raun was there before her. He draped it over her shoulder. Raun took her arm as they walked the remaining steps to Traci’s place. “I didn’t take the bus.”

“What do you mean, you didn’t take the bus?” He said the words slowly as if speaking to a mentally challenged person. “Did you get a ride? Why didn’t they drop you off in front of the house? I called the school and told them that I would pick you up at the bus stop! Didn’t you get my message?”

“Will you listen to me?” Traci pulled him to a stop. She looked up at him, as she explained. “Someone followed me, as I walked home.”

“You– walked– home?” The question was asked in a controlled voice. “From where?” They said simultaneously, “the train station,” one in the form of a question, the other as a statement.

Raun said angrily, as he hustled Traci up the steps his back guarding her against any attack. “Are you mad or simply stupid?”

“Will you stop yelling at me? I’m okay.” Traci thought it was prudent not to continue the conversation about someone following or watching her.

“Give me the keys,” Raun barked as he held out his hand.

“Where’re your keys?”

“Don’t start with me Traci. I am so not in the mood! Give me the bloody keys.”

Traci sighed and dug in her handbag for her keys. Raun’s chest seemed to get bigger and bigger with every second that passed, and breath he took. “Why don’t you have your keys in your hand? I’ve told you time and again to have your keys in your hand. You can use them as a weapon.”

“Christ! I’m tired of this bullshit,” Traci cried as her fingers made contact with the elusive keys. Raun said nothing to that statement, but Traci could feel the anger pulsing through him. She could hear the anger in his breathing. She could smell the anger mixing with the cologne and changing its scent. Traci handed over her keys as she waited for Raun to unlock the door. The porch light illuminated the entire area including the locks. “Traci, I’m disappointed in you. Why didn’t you at least call, so I could pick you up from the train station?” Raun inserted the key in the lock. Looking over his shoulder he scanned the area. Traci’s mind was not processing his words; her thoughts were on the way his body was affecting her libido. “You do know that some crazy fuck is out there, don’t you? I thought that’s the reason you asked me to stay with you?”

Raun finally unlocked the door, surveyed the street one last time. Nothing moved not even a branch swayed. The air was still as if it was also waiting for something to happen. He pushed her inside, closed the door, and engaged the locks. Breathing heavily, he turned her around to face him. He stared steadily at Traci, before pulling her into a bone crushing hug. “Don’t scare me like that again. Promise me you will never do something so stupid again.” Traci couldn’t talk, she was surprised by the emotion he was exhibiting. Did he really care about her? “Promise me,” he whispered.

“I promise,” she replied. Raun inhaled deeply. Traci saw anger war with lust before lust won out. His head lowered as she raised hers; their lips locked as they breathlessly ate at each other’s lips. Traci tried to climb his body. Raun picked her up in his arms and stumbled through the living room to the black leather sofa. He placed her on the sofa. He stared at her a moment before he carefully unzipped his pants over his erection. Traci watched him pull the edges apart. He pushed the jeans down his muscular thighs. He was commando. His penis bobbed at her, as if beckoning her to come forward. “Traci, take off your panties, no leave the boots on. I want to fuck you wearing those boots!”

Traci trembled as she reached for her panties under her skirt. In a half seated position, Traci lifted her skirt, raised her hips, while staring at Raun’s penis. She licked her lips. Traci saw him stroke himself slowly, as he watched her struggle with her panties. He squeezed the head as she licked her lips again. Saliva pooled in her mouth, she longed to taste him. “He growled. “I want you, now!” She pulled her panties down, until they stopped at her knees. Raun knelt on the floor in front of her and roughly pulled them off. He lifted the panties to his nose inhaled, and let them fall. He lowered his head between her legs and gently blew on her. Traci shuddered and pulled his head towards her shaved nether lips. She squirmed on the sofa, as she felt a slow lick. Once… twice… and then nibbles. Raun pulled her to the edge of the sofa, her legs opened wide and pushed against her chest. His tongue was inside. It stabbed, while his nose rubbed against the nub.

“Yes! Oh God! I want… I want…”

Raun lifted his head. “What do you want, baby?”

Gasping, “I want… Oh God! Don’t stop!” She reached out and pulled his head back down. “I want to come. Help me… Help me come.” Traci groaned out the last word and then she shouted his name, as his fingers came into play. He pushed two fingers in as he sucked her off.

“You ready for me, baby?”


“Say you’re ready.”

“Ready,” she groaned in ecstasy. Raun got off the floor. Traci legs slowly lowered. She was gasping for breath as she tried to stand. He helped her. He turned her over onto her hands and knees facing the arm of the sofa. He was still wearing his clothes as he entered Traci roughly from behind. She felt the rough cotton against her upper thighs. They both screamed out their pleasure at the contact.

“So good! I can’t stand it.”

“Yes you can,” Raun replied. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled and pushed her.

Traci was on fire. Heat coursed through her body. She could feel the sweat pooling between her shoulder blades and breasts. Raun popped the buttons on her dress shirt. He plucked at her nipples and Traci felt it in her womb. She arched backwards; Raun pulled her up on her knees, her back against his chest. Her hands reached back. She held his head, as he sucked on her neck. His tongue flicked and licked. Traci screamed her release! She could not hold on to a single thought, all she could do was feel. She felt Raun surrounding her and moving within her. She clenched her inner muscles to hold the feelings and him inside. Their comingled scents were a huge turn on for her. She wanted to bite him and draw the coppery salty taste of him into her mouth. She wanted to become him. Tension was starting to build again within her. Traci felt as if a string was being pulled through her body from her breasts to her belly button, all the way to her core. Raun pushed her upper body down to all fours. She heard and felt the increased slap slap of their bodies as he pistoned into her.

Their cries for release rivaled the squishy and slapping sounds. Traci was coming; she was coming from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Suddenly a blinding white light exploded behind her closed lids, and a noiseless scream forced her mouth open as she tried to expel trapped air from her lungs. Traci lost consciousness. She awoke to a feeling of weightlessness and euphoria. She opened her eyes, and saw that she was being carried in Raun’s arms toward their bedroom. Her head pillowed against his naked shoulder. When he had removed his clothes and hers; she did not know nor did she care. Maybe I’ll tell him about Ian… tomorrow.


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