Dating Jenny

“It’s not as big as I thought. I mean it’s big, but not that big.”

“Really now? What were you expecting Jenny?’ laughed Oliver, “maybe you need to stand closer.” His hands snaked around her stomach, and pulled her against him, his erection nestled between them. Jenny inhaled at the the feel of that steel like organ lodged at her lower back. Oliver continued softly in her ear, “It will look a whole lot bigger if you stand closer.” Puffs of hot air caressed her neck, and she shivered. People were huddled in small groups around them as they either stared up at the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows, Carona Park in Queens or engaged in conversation, while they waited for the tour to begin.

Earlier as she got ready for her first date with Oliver, Jenny had a tough time on choosing an outfit that was chic and sexy, yet still appropriate for the weather. After she had tried on almost everything in her closet, she finally decided on a gray mid-thigh cowl neck sweater dress, gray tights, black UGG boots, and a black aerial wool cape. Her hat, gloves, and wallet were jammed into her coat pockets. She felt sexy, but the frigid wind at Carona Park was beginning to settle into her bones. She envied the women in their group who wore warm puffy coats and jeans. Oliver’s big hands tightened at her waist when she leaned further into him to absorb some of his heat.

Oliver shifted his weight and his penis slid from right to left across her back. Jenny groaned and pressed against him in response. Her sex clenched in anticipation. His sexual aura was pulling her in. It made her wish for a bed or even warmer weather so that they could find a secluded spot to alleviate the sexual tension between them. What was she thinking? Of course she wouldn’t jump his bones on the first date, but then again this was the first time that she actually felt such a strong attraction to a man. She felt an overwhelming need to say let’s forget the World’s Fair tour and head back to my place for a romp between the sheets.

Sliding his chin along her jawline, he whispered, “You have to remember that this structure was built in 1939. It was probably larger than anything else built in that time period. Nowadays, men try to reach the heavens with their over 100+ story structures.” His breath smelled like mint toothpaste, and she ached to turn her head and kiss those full lips. His legs bracketed her thighs and as he leaned forward to whisper that fact into her ear, Jenny felt his thighs slide down her outer thighs, and his erection rubbed against her butt. From her peripheral view, she noticed his clear red aura. It exuded power, sex, and dominance.

Jenny shivered and flexed her butt against his penis. He groaned and pulled her tighter against him. Her feet almost left the ground. “Naughty girl,” he growled.

“What did I do?”

He turned her in his arms and flexed subtly against her belly. Liquid quickly pooled between her legs. Jenny wanted her hands inside his coat. She wanted to rub her hands all over the hard plains she could feel against her aching breasts. Sighing in agony, Jenny breathed in his earthy scent and imagined them back at her place christening her bedroom, living room and kitchen with their sexual prowess. Just thinking about him naked had her almost coming in her panties. He was still holding her up. Her legs felt like noodles.

“Get a room,” a teenager shouted as a few roller-skated by. Oliver groaned and pushed her away. Jenny stumbled and looked up into Oliver’s sexually charged face. His black eyes seemed to stare into her soul as he watched her try to put her twisted clothes in order. Jenny tried to focus on his handsome face, but her eyes wanted to stray down to the bulge she had felt behind his zipper. The bulge that fired her blood.

“I want you,” he boldly stated.

Those simple words were like a physical caress. She felt it on her breasts and between her thighs. Jenny crossed her legs trying desperately to hold in the feelings of longing. “Don’t say that!”

“Why? I know you want me too.”

“What about your girlfriend?”

She heard his deep sigh, and then he turned away from her. His head fell forward. His aura dimmed and then turned white. It was time to talk. Jenny was sorry that she had brought up his girlfriend, but she needed some distance from his advances before she did something irrevocable.

“This is not a good place to talk about such a serious subject.”

“Why did you suggest it then?”

“I wanted to be with you and didn’t want to wait until tonight.”

“You want to go somewhere where we can talk?”

Oliver turned back to Jenny and smiled sadly. He held out his hand. Electricity sparked between the two as their hands touched. “Ouch! You shocked me,” cried Jenny, as she snatched her hand away.

“You want me to kiss it to make it better?”

I want you to kiss something else to make me feel better. Oliver reached for her hand again. Their hands swung back and forth between them as they made their way to the parking lot. The wind picked up, but this time Jenny never felt the cold, all she felt was the warmth of the large hand surrounding her smaller one. Jenny looked back at large group of people milling around thinking she was happy and sad not to be apart of the group. Although she wanted to learn more about the World’s Fair, she wanted more to learn about the man guiding her to his car. His likes, his wants, and his dreams. Jenny saw two people approach the group in forest green attire and large hats like Mounties. She turned away and looked in the direction that she walked. The tension was building steadily between them, as they made their way to his White Jetta.

Am I making the right decision? What do I really know about him? He has an honest aura! There’s nothing to worry about. Jenny had been drawn to Oliver the first time she saw him on the bus. His energy was compelling. She saw him and was instantly attracted to him. She took the same bus everyday just to see him. It got her to work earlier than she needed, but for some reason she craved him. She didn’t know if it was love, or some other otherworldly reason, but she needed to be around him. She needed to soak up his energy and bathe in his aura.

Oliver unlocked the passenger door, held it open as Jenny sat. Her skirt rode up her thighs and she hastily pulled it down when she heard him groan, and saw his fingers tighten on the door.

~To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Dating Jenny

  1. Thanks :). The scene is actually a continuation from The Bus Driver and the Little Lady. After I wrote that story, I felt compelled to write about their date and tried to incorporate auras into the scene.


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