Woe is Me

Never let anyone crush your spirit…

Recently, I joined a writing site on LinkedIn, and one of the organizers/members was requesting all members to “Show me your website or blog.” I excitedly entered my blog, and someone wrote “cute story.” I don’t know why that bothered me, but I felt insulted. I started researching themes, ideas, and concepts for an explosive paranormal story.

I guess I could’ve gone two ways. I could have stopped writing, or become challenged by the member’s remark. I chose to become challenged by her comment. I researched auras, ESP, crime stories, and erotica. I became fascinated by all the topics; and each time I investigated a topic, story ideas came to mind. Scenes flashed before my eyes (good thing I had a pad and pen to write them down). I would read an innocuous sentence about the left brain vs. the right brain, and a scene of a silver haired old lady wearing a white flowing nightgown, shuffled bare footed down a darken deserted hospital hallway. She was the resident mystic who believed in other worlds.

So far I have material for 3 stories. Will they be short stories or novels? I’m still wrestling with the idea; but they will be a series of interconnected stories about college students and homeless people tricked into testing for $$.

Back to my research…


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