During my bout with the flu, I wrote a short story entitled The Bus Driver and the Little Lady.  Yes, you guessed it, I was delirious. I’m still working on the ending.

The story began to take form when I came up with a scenario of how to get from my home to the doctor’s office. What would happen if I fainted when I got off the bus? 

The bus became a character. It was overcrowded, and the under carriage almost scraped the street. It was beat up and tired of hauling ungrateful passengers to and fro. Wrappers, bottles, cans, bubble gum, and bits of food littered the floor. People stomped on it, cursed in it, fought in it, and some people even made out in it; but no one, never once said thank you for a safe ride.

The love story also has a damsel in distress and a hero who saved her, and you guessed it, fell in love, and lived happily ever after. Don’t worry in between the pages there’s plenty of conflict: a woman who hates fainting damsels and tries to break them up with lies and spite. Also, the damsel feels she’s unworthy because she didn’t want to be seen as the “other woman” who could come between a somewhat happy couple. The hero felt he was unworthy because he didn’t see himself as a hero. He was just in the right place at the right time to find love. He wanted to be loved for who he really was “a simple man with simple tastes.”

I won’t give anymore away, because I would like you to read the finished product ;). I hope you come to love Jenny Stonebrook and Oliver Plume, as much I enjoyed writing their love story.


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